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I am a Mom, Certified Health Coach, and Blogger who is obsessed with gardening and everything food. I believe we are what we eat and backyard food production heals hearts, bellies, and mama earth.

Hey, I’m Amanda. I help busy moms and momtrepreneurs get the most nutrition into their busy lives, to boost energy and feel sexy. We prep and cook restaurant quality food, while making more time for what matters most, and lose the baby weight in the process.

Are you a busy mom that is struggling to create fresh, healthy dinners every night? Try out frozen crockpot meals. These have saved my ass a million times, like when my son was first born, when I have a hectic week, or when I’m feeling lazy. Below is the webinar recording, that includes how to […]

Does sugar call your name at 8pm? After work, is it crazy carb cravings that get you? Are you great at eating healthy, until you get these out of control cravings?   I have the solution!   Naturally Conquer Cravings, the FREE 7 Day E-Course     Click play to watch this video below and […]


I am so grateful for my beautiful clients, and their lovely words. I am inspired everyday by their HUGE transformations.

  • I didn’t have hesitations about purchasing the product. I knew that I needed a reputable high quality supplement in my life and I trusted in the USANA company. Perhaps I was hesitant because of the price but that quickly faded once I felt so much more energy. I also looked at it as one pair of jeans and a sweater costs the same price and my health is the most important thing to me because with out it nothing is the same.

    I allowed more love into my life and entered into a real strong positive relationship. I am nurturing my family relationships more and spending time with people who are positive influence in my life. My spirituality has improved, being very present in my outdoor walks and in the small, little joys. I laugh a lot, especially when something goes wrong or I spill something or get stuck in traffic. I find so much joy in being alone and laughing away.
    I am more intent on my yoga practice. And my home environment has changed, cleaner, more organized kitchen, focused on keeping my clothing drawers clean and understanding the importance of organization in the physical space transferring to organization in my mind. My eating habits have improved and when I do eat unhealthy food, I’m very aware and listen to my body and reflect on the way I feel. I am experimenting with new ways of eating and new foods I never thought possible before Balanced and Beautiful!
    I felt Balanced and Beautiful added to my weeks tremendously! I think that each week I felt more and more focused on daily healthy activities. I think everyone needs a reset and the 8 weeks flew by. It was very enlightening and supportive and I really enjoyed myself and got to know other awesome women.
    Specifically I enjoyed the calls the most. They kept me in integrity and speaking out loud helped to focus my personal thoughts and goals. I really enjoyed hearing other peoples stories and progress through the calls as well.
    This was a fun, new and interesting experience for me. I showed up for myself and showed up to the calls each week for 8 weeks, proving that i can commit to something healthy for myself. I benefited so much from the self-care routines, the morning intentions, the water filter, the green smoothies and i cant wait to take the program again and get more in depth.
    I would absolutely recommend this program to any busy woman who is looking to feel their best and achieve their goals in a balanced way. These supplements have completed changed my life and business for the best, I am in love!
    - Sarah
  • Before taking Balanced and Beautiful I was very hesitant about investing that much money, which at the time, felt like a lot. I was concerned it would be just a Facebook Group I was dumped into and I would be left on my own to figure out what changes I needed to make. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

    After completing the Balanced and Beautiful program, quite literally everything has changed for me. Internally, my mindset has shifted and I’m in love with life again. Which created a beautiful charge in all the different parts of me; from finding a different job that I enjoy so much more, having more energy and feeling more creative then I have in years! I’m truly so grateful to have been apart of this program, and to have allowed myself the opportunity for this change, is something I know I will never forget.

    I loved the honesty and sincerity of the support given throughout the entire group, this was essential to making the changes stick. I would absolutely recommend this program, it has changed my life for the best!

    - Kate
  • I didn’t realize how important it is to put myself first. I have been a people pleaser for as long as I can remember. When you take care of you and actually take time for yourself, in my eyes; you’re a better mom, friend, wife and truer version of yourself.

    I have made some changes to move forward in our group. I’m grateful we have connected. I have learned a lot from you and am excited to listen to our last call on repeat.

    - Balanced and Beautiful Member
  • I began seeing Amanda to lose weight, quit smoking, and feel good about myself again. I noticed changes right away, but after the first month I couldn’t believe I actually met all my goals. Quitting smoking has changed my family’s life. Amanda’s 6 month program is amazing, but her constant support and knowledge is what sets her apart.

    - Danielle, 44 – Restaurant Manager
  • Amanda is the reason I am growing food. I met her in one of my classes and started working with her because I had always thought I had a black thumb, and really wanted to save money on groceries. She created a beautiful garden in my backyard and taught me how to use it. The first time I harvested an entire meal from my garden, I felt so free. Her support over the months was absolutely my favourite part of our program.

    - Megan, 39 – Yoga Instructor

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Spelt Crackers

Spelt Crackers

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I have loved crackers since I was a child. With hummus, bean dips, in soup, and with cheese and pickled vegetables. Something about crackers really takes me back to my childhood. It’s the simplest snack, salty, crunchy and oh so delicious. As a Health Coach, I know how much crap is in store bought crackers, […]

The BEST Roasted Nuts Recipe

The BEST Roasted Nuts Recipe

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I have to say I make the BEST roasted nuts. I’ve been making this recipe for years, and it always a crowd pleaser. Oh and best part, totally vegan. Having some delicious, healthy snacks ready to eat is one way I stay on track with my clean eating. Nothing is worse than being starving with […]

DIY Curry Powder

DIY Curry Powder

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Making spice mixes from scratch improves the flavour, amps up nutrition with mega doses of spices and herbs that are way fresher than anything you can buy in the store. Buying your herbs and spices in the whole form, also allows you to toast them, which improves their flavour tremendously. A good curry powder also […]



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