You Are What You Eat

I recently listened to a lecture by Steve Gagne about the energetics of food and it was eye opening and has been stuck in my mind. By looking in nature to notice characteristics of the plants, we can learn how the plants will benefit us. He uses the example of leafy greens. In nature they breathe in opposition to our own lungs, and they have veins that take nutrients from the soil, by their roots and transport them out into their leaves by these said veins. This would mimic how leafy greens react in our bodies, by improving our respiratory and circulatory system. Another example are root vegetables. They absorb nutrients and minerals from the soil, and store it, as well as centering and grounding the plant, for example, in very windy conditions. The characteristics will therefore work for us the same, absorbing and improving function in the small intestines, where we absorb our nutrients and thus, leading to improved digestion. As well, having a grounding and centering effect.

All over the world, in many different cultures chicken soup has been used as a healing food to help us recover from ailments. Gagne explores the question why? Why not beef, or lamb? Again, looking to nature for the answers, we see that cows are large, lumbering animals, lambs are smaller but still lumbering. Chickens on the other hand, are full of vitality, running around with so much energy. They also are working sun up to sun down everyday, turning over soil and hunting for food. So when we feel sick and lethargic we should consume food with the opposite energy. Like someone who feels cold and dry in the winter something warm and moist like oatmeal would be completely satisfying and help to balance you out.

The food we eat that makes us feel tense and anxious, are the processed, refined foods. Such as, sugar, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, heavily processed foods, microwaved foods, and factory farming food. (when the animals/vegetables grow under stress you will take on the stress energy)

The food that make use feel connected and harmonious are organic, whole foods, that are local and seasonal, especially from a home garden, and home cooked. It create a link between our understanding and caring, and our food.  Here is one of the gardens I have created. 088

Do an experiment, for two weeks eat only organic, whole foods, that grow locally and are in season. What do you notice?

For me, the immediate changes I saw were weight loss, clear skin, clear thoughts, more energy, less anxiety, and an overall feeling of calmness and balance.  Try it out on yourself, let me know the changes that you notice!

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