It has been a goal of mine to talk about my experience at IIN®.

I started the health coach program through the Institute of Integrated Nutrition aka IIN®  in October 2013. I have been completely amazed at the program so far. I previously went to university in Ontario, and the difference is NIGHT AND DAY!

I will start at the beginning, I was at my friend’s house, who is in the program. She was talking about it to me and my immediate reaction was to shut it down, I said it wasn’t for me.

We kept discussing her positive experience and I flipped through her workbooks and journal. I learned about their key concepts, bio-individuality, the concept that one person’s food is another person’s poison. Meaning, that there is no one way to eat for everyone. There are so many factors to consider, such as age, gender, season, activity level, blood type, etc. What works one week may not work the next, because our needs are constantly changing.

Another concept is primary and secondary food. Secondary food is anything we eat, primary food is everything that nourishes us. Such as our career, relationship, spirituality, and physical activity. Let’s think about when we were kids, playing outside with our friends, when Mom and/or Dad asked us to come in for dinner, how many people were hungry? No one. We all wanted to stay outside and play and legitimately weren’t hungry.

Also, someone who is in an abusive relationship, it doesn’t matter how healthy they are eating, they will still be unbalance and unhealthy. This was a new perspective to health for me, and I went home and searched on their website, and YouTube channel. Then two days later, I signed up.

The one year program is all online, and is an app. Each week a new module is released, with recorded lectures in the format of videos and audios. All the lectures are by top professionals in the field. Joshua Rosenthal is the creator of this program, and he speaks in lectures as well.

We cover so many topics, such as: time management, budgeting, healthy cooking, politics of food, non-toxic cookware, deconstructing cravings, self care, over 150 dietary theories, positive psychology, super foods, juicing and smoothies, nutrients, communication skills, grains, food energies, the list goes on and on.

We also partake in 12 coaching circles, which mimic how we will be coaching other people. The coaching groups consist of about 10 people from all over the world. There is also a Facebook group of everyone in your program, about 2000 people, it is so supportive and perfect when you have questions about what to eat, or anything from the lectures. People also post lots of free webinars that are extra curricular, but very helpful.

From the large Facebook group, we make smaller groups, for our coaching circle, and also our study groups. This helps to keep you connected and builds relationships with like-minded people.

The program will also cover how to start your own business, obtaining clients, marketing, provides you with countless resources to use with your clients, press kits, group talks, running workshops, and much more.

After you graduate there is a 6 month immersion program which is included in your tuition. This program is all dedicated to your business skills.

At one point in my life, I was depressed, angry, overweight, and was basically just getting through everyday with no direction. I feel satisfied with my whole life, my relationship has dramatically improved, I use my time much more efficiently, my thoughts are clearer, my skin completely clear, my hair and nails are stronger, I eat clean and reap the benefits everyday.

Not only am I evolving into the best version of myself, but everyone around me is starting to change their habits too, just from seeing the positive effects in me. This is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I cannot recommend this program enough.

If any of this resonated with you, sign up to be the first to know about any deals IIN if offering, and receive my ambassador discount.

Plus they take extra special care of referrals with specials and gifts.

If you would like to talk to me directly about the schooling, I would love to hear from you. Seriously, just e-mail me.

I promise I have time to talk to you about the program, anytime.


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Hey, I’m Amanda! I help busy, successful women feel FEARLESS, SEXY AND HEALTHY by teaching them everything they need to know about food, how to have more energy and boost self-confidence to fall in love with their life. I have two coaching programs The Fearless, Sexy and Healthy Group Coaching, and The Elite Private Coaching Program. I am also the creator of Naturally Conquer Your Cravings the free 7 day E-Course, and a blogger at


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