10 Day Without Food

I didn’t eat anything for 10 days, and I actually felt amazing.

I was juice fasting!


Why the hell would I stop eating for 10 days?

I was inspired by the documentary by Joe Cross, called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. I highly recommend checking it out. Everyday all of us are inundated with toxins whether we are little health nuts (like me) or not. Think about it, pollution, your home environment, cleaning supplies, fertilizers, pesticides, soaps, make up, and the list goes on. The juice fast is a way to cram as many raw, fruits and veggies into your system and flush all that crap out.

How does it work?

Basically how the juice fast works is to consume only water and veggie juice for a set amount of days, I choose 10. The first three days were pretty awful (truth bomb), so I would suggest doing it for longer than 3 days, so you can start feeling the benefits, not just the detox symptoms.

How did you not cheat?

Luckily I wasn’t alone during the fast, there was a group of other Health Coaches that all fasted at the same time. We had a support system to share our ups and downs. I found it very helpful to hear other people struggling with the same things…

like feeling so hungry you contemplate eating the grass outside.

Real. Life.

I would recommend finding someone else who will fast with you, or better yet, a group of people.

Wasn’t it awful not eating?

The first three days suck. You’ve been warned. This is when I felt the most detox symptoms, nausea, headaches, and questioning what the hell I was doing. This is NORMAL! The second night was the worst for me, this is when I realized the difference between actual hunger and mind hunger.

Actual hunger builds slowly and increases in strength, whereas mind hunger comes on so quickly, but will decrease over time.

How much did I juice?

During the first three days I drank juice a litre at a time, 4-5 times a day, and drank 6 cups of water a day. This is my recommended daily amount of water, by dividing my weight in half and drinking that many ounces. But I quickly learned, this was NOT enough water for my detox symptoms.

Day 4 :There was significant improvement. I drank more water, 8 cups, and 3 litres of juice which reduced my hunger pains drastically, and also helped to flush toxins out of my body, which eased all the symptoms I was previously feeling.

Turns out that if you aren’t drinking enough water the toxins will sit in your intestine,

where your body will try to protect itself by wrapping the toxins in a layer of fat.

Clearly, not what we are going for.

So learn from my mistake and drink a bit more water than your daily recommendation, because you are detoxing and we don’t want fat wrapped toxins in our body right?

Day 5-10: Feeling awesome, I continued to drink the same amount. I felt very clear, focused, and bright. I started to receive comments that I looked really healthy, my skin became very clear, I lost seven pounds, and I was rarely hungry. I know it seems crazy that by not eating, I would NOT feel hungry. But once my body accepted this new juice diet, which took about 4 days, my crazy cravings melted away.

I juiced in large batches and would put directly into large mason jars. Juicing in big batches saved time and energy, and one of the reasons I stuck with it for the entire 10 days.

Can you make huge batches of juice on one day and conveniently store them for the rest of the week, saving you so much time?



Here’s the deal, when the juice is exposed to air, it’s slowly loosing nutrients. That being said, we have jobs, and responsibilities.

So, how can you preserve it?

Mason Jars, filled to the top, with the lid on tightly, in the fridge. I wouldn’t go more than 12 hours. Drink asap. Filling to the top limits the amount of air in the jar, limiting the number of nutrients lost. You also shouldn’t freeze the juice, because again nutrients will be lost.

If I had to work, I would pre-make one litre batch and store in mason jars for a few hours.

Crunching numbers.

I used organic produce about 90%. In ten days I consumed $235.00 worth of produce, such as: cabbage, fennel, apples, oranges, grapefruits, limes, lemons, ginger, garlic, onion, tomatoes, cucumber, kale, swiss chard, spinach, lettuce, sweet potato, carrots, beets, and radish. I seasoned some juices with spices such as cayenne, cinnamon, and cumin. I was able to drink much higher percentage of vegetables in my juice by the end of the fast. By the last day I ran out of fruit, and just juiced straight veggies, and it was totally fine. That being said at the beginning of the fast, this would have absolutely not been the case.

What was the best part?

Besides dropping 7lbs of tummy fat, learned a lot about myself during this fast. Like how much of feeling hungry was actually in my mind, and how it feels different. I was able to become more in touch with my mind – body connection, and read my body’s signs for food and water correctly. Since the initial 10 day fast, I have repeated this reset every spring and summer. I love the way my digestive system can take a rest and how amazing I feel once my body rids itself of toxins.

Everyone can benefit from incorporating juicing into their life because it is such an easy way to jam pack your body full of nutrients. You certainly don’t need to fast in order to get the benefits of juicing.

New to juicing? Watch my video with everything you need to know to be a juicing pro.


My Favourite Juice Recipes


Banish Belly Bloat Juice

Recover Juice – aka The Hangover Cure

Ginger Kale Lemonade

Cool Collard Juice

Onion in a Winter Juice

Cool Lime Green Juice

What is your favourite juice recipe, share in the comments below to inspire new juicers, I would love to try out some new recipes too.


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