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A few months ago I was feeling uninspired, stuck and out of balance. It happens to all of us. This impacted any motivation I had to work on my business, my daily chores around the house, and my connection with my friends and family. I felt like I was just going through the motions. Finding a solution that actually works was paramount for me and I know how huge this will be for you, that’s exactly why I am sharing this post!

After some soul searching and amazing chats with my beautiful support system (you know who you are, and I appreciate all of you!) It hit me.


No expecting that? Yup, that’s exactly what happens when you’re stuck, we can’t see the next best move. (Don’t worry I figure it out, keep reading.)

Then life unfolded so perfectly. I was hunting in my closet for a belt when a journal literally hit me on the head. Then it really hit me!!



I learned about Morning Pages from a lecture by Julia Cameron, which prompted me to immediately purchase her book, The Artist’s Way, which is now one of my favourite books.


Here’s how it works.


As soon as you wake up, as you are half asleep, write three pages. The idea is to be partially conscious (half asleep) so you can connect with your subconscious mind much easier.

  • First write any memories of your dreams
  • 10 things you are grateful for from the day before
  • write anything you want to finish the three pages.

Morning pages should jump from topic to topic, planning out what you need to do that day, venting about negative thoughts you’re still hanging onto, anything that crosses your mind.

This is what helps move you into action.

It is important to note that spelling, punctuation, and grammar do not matter. As well, your journal will most likely be very private because this is where you will get out the good, the bad, and the ugly.

An expert from the book:

There’s a time every morning when we are half awake, half asleep and not quite fully conscious. At those moments, we have access to our unconscious mind and our inner workings. But like dew on the morning grass, it will soon be gone without a trace. Listening to these tender morning wisps allows us to reach into our inner world, the deeper part of ourselves that helps guide us on our path of transformation.

Early morning pages are a stream of consciousness written in a journal first thing in the morning. Keep your journal by your bed and reach for it while you are still half asleep. Begin by writing down any memories you may have of your dreams. At first there may be nothing, or simply minor recollections, but as you do this over and over you will build the muscle.

You’ll send a powerful message to your brain: I am prepared to accept my unconscious thoughts and feelings, and I accept that more and more will be revealed. You will develop a deep, direct relationship with your inner self.
Next, write 10 things you are grateful for from yesterday. Usually our minds focus on everything that’s not going well, skipping over the fact that we live in a peaceful, democratic country. Your mind easily forgets that you have great friends, a place to live, plenty of food to eat, access to education, a job and freedom. Take time for thanksgiving and appreciating what went well yesterday.
Next comes the stream of consciousness writing. Write for at least a page, maybe two. Write whatever crosses your mind. Nothing is too petty, too bad or too silly to write down. Nobody will be reading this, so write it all. No censoring. You will be amazed at what comes out of your sweet, innocent mind. Write quickly or write slowly. Find a pace that works for you.

All the angry, ugly stuff that you write in the morning would otherwise stand in the way of you being your best you. By doing early morning pages, you get all those repressed thoughts out of your system so you can live your life and realize that you are not your mind and you are not your thoughts. You are a spiritual being in a material world, moving forward toward the life you deserve, which is the life you
truly came here to live.

Watch your breath. Watch your mind. It’s like a meditation. Be still and just let it all pass from your mind onto the paper.

The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron

How does this help?


Instead of starting my day with negative thoughts, I can get out all my negativity and organize my head for the day. I am more productive because writing out that I want to do yoga, and then actually doing it, has been working wonders! After a few weeks you’ll be able to see trends, maybe you always feel guilty after eating poorly, or spending too much money. The more you write it out, the more you will remember when it’s happening, and that’s exactly how you start to change habits.

For me, after a few days or writing the same thing, I realized I needed to step up my clean eating game and make more time for myself. Hello clarity! I love the way morning pages change your mindset, first thing in the morning. By focusing on what I’m grateful for and clearing my mind of negativity I am more open and loving to everyone around me.



Feeling inspired to try this out? Set yourself up for success, grab a pen and paper right now and place it beside your bed, then set you alarm 30 minutes earlier so you will have time to unleash your creativity and blast through your blockages.

How has journaling or writing helped you? Share with our tribe in the comments below and share this article if you found it useful.

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