to do…schedule – A HA

I was just talking about this to a client, and she totally had an A HA moment…


1. Monster to-do list – with no dates.

I’m sure you have had this happen, random genius thoughts? I always get the best ideas, just popping into my head. I started writing them down on small pieces of paper, to be lost approximately 47 seconds later. I started not being able to sleep because I was trying to remember all these things I wanted to do. You know, blog posts, get turmeric, find work shirt, call my sister…

I took a white board and divided into 4 columns, to do soon, to do later, to do in the future, and notes.

You wouldn’t believe how much better I felt! I got it all out of my head and organized where I can see it. I just pick away at it everyday and eventually everything gets done.

2. Scheduling

In order to be the most productive, I schedule my time everyday. I use a planner with times and block off what I am doing. This helps me to stay on track with my goals and use my time most efficiently. I also tend to work in 1-2 hour time blocks, which helps me to give all the areas in my life some love and attention. For example, I schedule in time for myself, like yoga, meditation, Epsom salt baths, etc. I also schedule in time for client sessions, writing, cooking, running errands, you name it!

I like to make my schedule once a week, usually on Sunday.

Clearly life happens, and I can’t stick to 100% but these simple tools have really made me feel better and certainly more productive. My clients who have tried it out, have had the same results!

Love to hear how your experiment goes, leave me a message below!

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