Bad posture is characterized by slumped shoulders and a curved upper back. This affects a lot more than just appearance, it puts an unnecessary stress on your spine. That’s an unnecessary stress on one of the main things holding ourselves together!
Ever notice when your body aches, life seems to get harder?
Here’s proof.
Sit with a rounded back.
Now take a deep, deep breath.
Not so easy, is it?
Continuous strain like this can cause stress on your nerves, leading to some serious muscle and neck pain, headaches – the list goes on.
But don’t stress! Here’s some simple steps to take without making any huge sacrifices in your busy life!!
Speaking of being busy; Work.
If you sit at the desk, raise your computer to eye level. Way less slouching!!
If work is walking distance – do it! We’ve made it through winter, show mother nature your appreciation and get out there!
Sometimes just thinking about work is tiring: Let’s Sit.
If you tend to lean forward, position yourself at the front of the chair and vice versa if you find yourself leaning back.
Your legs and arms should always be at a 90° angle if you’re sitting at a table or desk, this will keep you aligned.
I once saw an Ellen clip that changed the way I sit!!
Take a break!  Once an hour or so stop what you’re doing and stretch your neck and shoulders. Get up and grab a glass of water, improving hydration and circulation!
So there it is! If you’re seeking more improvement in your posture, try core strengthening exercises found in yoga and Pilates!
@beachyogagirl has inspiring yoga pictures and videos on her Instagram account – also sometimes has awesome giveaways!!


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