5 Ways I Grew Gardening

I learned the most about personal growth and true nourishment, not for my friends or partner, but from my vegetables. My intention growing the garden was to eat delicious free vegetables, the idea of peace and clarity never even crossed my mind.

1. Small Changes Lead to a Transformation
From seed, to seedling, to towering tomato plants. My garden took time getting established, growing slowly ensured plants could support themselves. Growing a tiny amount every day, lead to a jungle at the end of summer. I grew the same way, small healthy changes made everyday lead to a huge change. From waitress, to gardener, to health coach.
2. The Importance of Friends
Plants do not like being alone, not very often in nature do you see a lone plant. By planting “friends” near each other (carrot and onions or basil and tomato) they thrive, save water, and confuse insects. This is called companion planting. From this I learned to surround myself with loving and supporting people to help me thrive. Having a support system to love you up is priceless, and really helped me to grow into my true self.
3. Potatoes Taught me Patience
Oh potatoes, first they sat in my window for weeks, then I planted them outside. I waited and watered with no sign of life. After what felt like a lifetime, they finally showed themselves, growing huge over the whole summer. Unfortunately, I still had no idea how many potatoes I had. Not until the plants died back in the fall did I dig up my little treasures. I learned that summer, that just because I don’t see results right away, doesn’t mean changes are not happening.
4. Connection Improves Quality
Spending time caring for and loving my vegetables created an understanding of the plant and what it really takes to get on my plate. So it ALWAYS taste better! I did the same thing with my loved ones. I build deeper connections by finding out where they’ve come from and what it took for them to be the person they are today. This has drastically improve the quality of all my relationships.
5. Turn Something Terrible Into Something Beautiful
I came back from camping to find the irrigation had stopped working and a whole bed was killed. I remember saying it was ruined for the rest of the summer. I turn the water back on anyway and some of the original crops did come back. Even more amazing though, were the new veggies that now had room to grow now, from seeds leftover from years ago. I learned that even when something terrible happens to you there’s always a way to grow and be even more beautiful after.
I hope this inspires you to build a garden this spring, or just sit outside and let nature show you a thing or two.

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Hey, I’m Amanda! I help busy, successful women feel FEARLESS, SEXY AND HEALTHY by teaching them everything they need to know about food, how to have more energy and boost self-confidence to fall in love with their life. I have two coaching programs The Fearless, Sexy and Healthy Group Coaching, and The Elite Private Coaching Program. I am also the creator of Naturally Conquer Your Cravings the free 7 day E-Course, and a blogger at amandagreenthumb.com

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