Bring the Outside In

Bringing plants into my home affected me and more ways than I would’ve imagined.
I really enjoyed my new green spaces, and decided to research them a little bit more. When I did this I realize that we are connected to plants in more ways than one. Here’s a few simple reasons why we should all have indoor plants:

Breathing Easier:
Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen that makes us natural partners!

They also pulled contaminants into the soil where root zone microorganisms convert it into food for the plant!

Releasing water:
Plants release 97% of the water that they take in, so please put us together to increase the humidity in a room. (this also keeps respiratory distresses at bay..)

Improving health:
There have been studies that patients who have plants in their hospital rooms often use less pain medication, have lower heart rate and blood pressure.

Plants in your home have also proven to decrease anxiety and fatigue.
Along with a decrease of colds, headaches, coughs, sore throats and flu like symptoms!!

A few of the best indoor plants:

Spider plant – purifies air fast! Best for living spaces ie. kitchen, living room

Gerbera – releases oxygen at night and also purifies air! Best for bedroom

Boston Fern – your own green, good looking, natural humidifier! Dry winters will be hard on your fern, so mist it!

Peace Lily – Removes mold! Guess where? Bathroom and any other damp place like a basement or cold storage!


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