Gardening Session – Radish

Radish might be the easiest vegetable to grow, seriously. They grow from seed, straight into the ground, the grow in early spring and fall, only take 30-40 days from planting to eating, you can eat them raw or cooked, plus their leaves are edible!


Radishes are low in calories, moderate in vitamin C, with small amounts of iron and protein. Their fiery flavour is because of the presence of mustard oil. Although radishes are usually red, there are also black, purple, yellow, and green skinned kinds. Radish are thought to have originated in Asia, but domesticated in the Mediterranean. Radishes are depicted in the pyramids and were cultivated in 2780 BC. Radishes also can be eaten to relieve indigestion and flatulence.

Cultivation: Sow seeds every two weeks, from early spring to early fall, to have a constant supply of fresh radish throughout the year. Sow few and often is the saying here, if you are short on space plant out a few seeds every other week in empty spots, or after you remove other crops. Sow 1/2″ deep about 4″ apart, or broadcast seeds and thin out once they start to grow.

Radish are good to grow in containers as well, making sure the pot is at least 6-12″ wide and 8″ deep. Harvest radishes by 8-10 weeks or they will get woody and not be fun to eat. They will keep in the fridge in a plastic bag for about a week.

Radish loves to be planted near: peas, lettuce, chervil, nasturtiums, and mustard, they are best friends.

Let me know how you radish grows, send me a picture!

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