Gardening Session – Zucchini

What is a glut? Have you ever heard anyone even say that? A zucchini glut? A glut is when you have so much of something you don’t know what to do. I can almost guarantee if you plant even just one zucchini plant you will experience your own glut.

Zucchini are high in beta-carotene, moderate amounts of vitamin C and folic acid. In Ethiopia seeds from squashes are said the be a laxative and are used worldwide to expel intestinal worms.

Zucchinis are delicious, and able to be eaten dozens of ways, which is good, because you will have enough zucchini to sink a ship.
Cultivation: seeds will not germinate if soil is below 56F. I find it easiest to buy seedlings from the nursery because; following my warning about the power of zucchini you shouldn’t get a whole bunch of plants. 2, maybe 3 if you want to get crazy, but 6 or 10 it will turn into more of a problem. Anyway, zucchini love a sunny spot and can be grown in containers too. Harvest when they are about 4″ long, the more you pick the more will grow.

I would absolutely love to see you zucchini glut pictures! Post them below!!

images (2)Wanna learn how to create your own raised bed garden??

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