Gardening Session – Beans

Beans have been around forever, 8000 BC. I personally have never met a bean I didn’t like. Native Americans planted beans with corn and squash (three sisters) this gives the beans something to grow up, the squash covers the ground keeping in water, and it provides starch and protein.


Bean’s best friends are corn, celery, melons and the brassicas (cabbage) family. Plant them close to some friends, so they are happy and produce lots of beans for you.

Beans don’t like cold, wet, soil, they will rot. They love to be in a sheltered, sunny spot, in free draining soil. Beans can also be grown in pots, usually about 8″ wide and 10″ deep. There are two types of beans, bush beans, and climbing beans, the climbers will grow up a trellis by themselves.

Did you know that one cup of beans per day is said to lower cholesterol by about 12%?

Beans can also be left on the plant to mature, cut down the plant at the end of the season, and take inside to dry. Once the pods begin to split, remove beans and dry on paper for a few more days, then store in an airtight container. You can also freeze string beans super easy, just Blanche for 3 minutes and store in freezer bags. Blanche just means to boil in water for 3 minutes and the immediately put into a cold water bath (sink/bowl with ice and water). This stops the cooking process.

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