Gardening Session – Tomatoes

Tomatoes originated in the Andes Mountain range, they came to North America at the same time corn did, 2000 years ago, during the human migration. They were first thought to be poisonous due to their strong smell and crazy coloured berries.

I personally believe tomatoes act like a weed. They take over, and will come back again next year, which I think is perfect. Less work for us. The seeds need a soil temperature of 60F to germinate.

Tomato’s best friends are marigolds, basil, parsley, the onion family, nasturtiums and asparagus. Plant them close to their friends so they are happy, and provide you with so many tomatoes.

They are believed to reduce the risk of cancer, and appendicitis. Tomatoes are used in herbal medicine to help liver and kidney complaints and also constipation. However, some doctors believe tomatoes make arthritis worse, and it’s good to note that the stems and leaves are poisonous.

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