Natural way to Beat Sugar Cravings

Almost everyone gets sweet cravings, how we handle these cravings is the tricky part. Instead of reaching for processed sugar, try adding more sweet vegetables into your diet. It works so good, my clients are always shocked.

Sweet veggies are very soothing on our internal organs and they also energize the mind. Since so many sweet veggies are root vegetables they will also have a grounding effect, due to the food energetics. This is the exact opposite of processed sugar, which will leave you feeling spacey.

Sweet Vegetables:

  • beets
  • carrots
  • onions
  • winter squash
  • corn
  • sweet potatoes
  • yams

Semi-Sweet Vegetables:

  • turnip
  • parsnip
  • rutabaga

Other Vegetables with Same Effect on Body, not actually sweet tasting:

  • daikon radish
  • red radish
  • green cabbage
  • burdock

What are your thoughts on sweet vegetables to help with sweet cravings? I’d love to know, post below!

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2 comments on “Natural way to Beat Sugar Cravings

  1. hmm… I’ll definitely try this. I eat healthy and grow my own veg. etc. yet always get an annoying yen for something sweet in the evenings. I tried eating fruit but it doesn’t really work, never thought of sweet veggies. Thanks for the tip!

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