Losing weight can leave you feeling restricted in the foods you can eat, and lacking the time needed to prepare them. Green smoothies are such a simple trick to include in our weight loss journey, they are so quick and your options of flavours are endless.

Green smoothies will melt the pounds away because they:

  • jump start your digestion
  • help to burn excess fat
  • provide more energy since your body doesn’t have to breakdown the food
  • rid your body of toxins
  • hydrate you
  • decrease your cravings for processed foods
  • Some fruits and vegetables have a circulation boosting effect which gives you a warm, attractive glow, so they even make you sexier!


My Expert Tips:

  • blend your greens first with the liquid then add the fruit after to create a nice smooth texture
  • short on time? Pre-make smoothies 24-36 hours before and store in airtight container in fridge. Add lemon juice to preserve the colour. Nutrients are slowly decreasing but you are still reaping all the benefits
  • you can also pre-make smoothies for the week and freeze them. Just take one out the night before and re-blend in the morning to mix it up
  • always wash blender immediately after it saves so much time, or soak in water if in a hurry

Green smoothies will trick you into being even healthier to drop those extra pounds for good. Adding something positive and healthy on purpose into your life will make you feel better about yourself, and increase the chance of other healthy habits happening. So blend that muffin top away!

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