My Spa Trip To Scandinave Spa In Whistler, BC

I recently went to Scandinave Spa in Whistler, BC and had the most amazing time.


The spa is in a spruce and cedar forest overlooking the gorgeous mountains of Whistler. The hot bath experience cleanses your mind and body, and the massage treatment after was divine. If you go, ask for Lindsay Prentice, she gave me the best massage I have ever had! Thanks Lindsay!!

Scandinavian baths are known for their energizing and relaxing effects on the body, and also known as hydrotherapy. Not only does it cleanse the body, but the three stage cycle actually stimulates blood circulation and the release of endorphins, In a few hours I totally felt the benefits and highly recommend this spa to anyone looking to relax and cleanse their mind and body.

The three stages are warming, cooling, and relaxing. By using water in contrasting temperatures it helps to revitalize and restore health, which I am all about. The warming stage quiets and soothes the body, in contrast the cold pools stimulate and increase internal activity. The relaxation stage is where your reap all the benefits. Alternating between hot and cold water actually eliminates toxins, decreases inflammation (why is inflammation so bad…) and stimulates blood circulation. This is all done through saunas, eucalyptus steam baths, hot baths, and cold pools.

Another thing I really enjoyed about my experience was being silent. During your time at the spa silence is key. Silence is essential to the experience in the baths because it helps to clear your mind and find stillness, leading to deep relaxation.

The cold baths were certainly cold, 15 degrees Celsius to be exact, however you only stay in them for 20-30 seconds.

I can’t recommend this enough, and if you don’t live near Whistler, they also have locations in Montreal, Mont-Tremblant, and Blue Mountain (Collingwood, Ont)

You are not suppose to take pictures, but it was so beautiful I couldn’t resist sneaking a picture for my readers…

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