5 Ways to Actually Accomplish Your Resolution

Have you ever actually accomplished a New Year’s resolution? It’s time to nail your resolution and change your life. I’ve got 5 easy ways to make sure your resolution is a perfect fit for you. Grab a pen and paper because writing out your resolution will increase the likelihood of you making this shit happen!


1. Be Specific. The more you describe in detail your goal, the more exact the outcome will be. Because you will picture it in your pretty little head, and know what you are working towards. Write it out.

Who? What? When? Where? Why? What’s holding me back/ standing in the way?

2. How will you know when you accomplish it? Specifically. When I feel better, doesn’t count. How will you know when you are feeling better? Make a list of all the steps you have to take, to measure your progress. Getting clear on each step of your plan is like making a road map to follow on your journey to being awesome.

3. Ask yourself, “Does this align with my authentic self, and future desires?” Is this really what you want? No judgement, it’s your resolution, do whatever your little heart desires. If it turns out that no, your resolution doesn’t make you excited, start again!

4. Be Committed. Goals take work, plain and simple. When you are challenged enough by something you truly want, you should feel inspired and motivated. Your resolution should be pulling you forward, not making you want to hide in your bed and sleep forever. Just saying.

5. Stay on track. Give yourself realistic due dates in your planner, so you don’t fall behind on your resolution. Schedule it in, when you see your due date approaching, it may just be the extra push you need to get your shit together.

Let’s make 2016 the year you achieve all your goals. I can help!

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