Dear Hot Water Bottle: The Love is Real.

I am in love with my hot water bottle. It’s like a hug. It’s real.

Once you switch to the dark side and try this beauty out, I swear you will never go back. The hot water bottle is one of the most useful health care products available. The whole idea is to provide soothing heat therapy conveniently anywhere on your body with ease.


Here are some of the ways you can use this little gem:

  • relax muscles
  • provide comfort for deep relaxation
  • for warmth
  • cramps
  • back strain
  • aid digestion
  • bed warmer
  • ease arthritic pain
  • calm children
  • travel companion
  • calm pets (new puppies)
  • help to get better sleep
  • chills, aches and pain associated with the flu

Just fill her up with hot water from the sink, it should stay warm for around 2 hours. A lot of my readers are working on emotional eating, and this is a cheap, easy tool you can incorporate into your life. The soothing comfort provided helps with negative feelings, and binging because you are nurturing yourself, what you desperately need. Sitting on the couch with a hot water bottle, is an example of self love. Self love is a huge factor in emotional eating.

Bust out your hot water bottle tonight!

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  1. lol! Already converted (as I am every winter). Mine is cosying my thighs right now, instant warmth right where you need it from cold feet to frozen fingers after my morning bike ride.

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