Video – Is Organic Food Better?

As most of you know I have a small obsession with gardening. I love to watch the plants grow, and be able to eat my harvest. One huge factor in why I garden is so I know what is in my food.

When I started health coaching I did a lot of research into organic produce, and I was blown away by what I found out. I always get asked is organic food better? So today’s video is all about why you should go organic.

If you have children, it is extremely important to buy organic because Children are four times more sensitive to cancer-causing pesticides in foods than adults.

Gross right, I know it is so expensive. That’s always what I hear after. But lucky for you There is a list of the highest levels of pesticides we call that The Dirty Dozen Plus, and the lowest, or the Clean 15, I am going to give you the PDF as a link under the video, I highly suggest printing it out and keeping it in your wallet when you grocery shop.

This way you can start buy organic for the worst offenders and save some money on things that don’t have a bunch of pesticides.

Knowledge is power, but action creates change so print out the PDF and start buying organic for the foods on the dirty dozen list. If you found this helpful please share it on Facebook or Twitter, and let me know how you feel about organic produce in the comments below.



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3 comments on “Video – Is Organic Food Better?

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  2. Hi Amanda, I just love getting your emails they are very informative. I was just curious as to where banana fit into all of this?

    Warm Regards,


    • Hey Sara,

      Bananas are something that I personally buy as organic. They are grown in huge monocultures with no crop rotation. This causes them to be heavily sprayed with pesticides.

      So I would try to buy organic if you can, here the price is similar, not too much more.

      Hope that helps!


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