The Secret To Produce Codes

I am going to share with you the coolest secret to produce codes.

Last week we talked about If Organic Food Is Better, this week I want to share with you a cool trick to understanding how your produce was produced without relying on the signs.

Produce codes are used to scan in the product of course, but they also tell a little story about the produce.

A 4 digit code, starting with the number 3 or 4 = conventionally grown (sprayed) produce that is NOT GMO






A 5 digit code starting with the number 8 = GMO



A 5 digit code starting with the number 9 = Organic, non-gmo




One thing to keep in mind, is that this only work on bulk veggies, if the produce is in a container there will be no PLU (which is the code for the produce)


When I went to the grocery store to snap some pictures, I couldn’t find any GMO PLU codes, however, I did notice these:

I have to assume that an apple that tastes like a grape is GMO, however without the PLU code it is very difficult to say for sure. Since companies do not have to label GMOs on the package, it seems like this is a loophole. That being said, not all produce that is in a container or bag is GMO, but I would be careful.

This is super easy to see, and to guarantee you are not eating genetically modified produce, because unfortunately as of now, there is no labeling of GMOs, unless of course you know this little secret.

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Knowledge is power, but action creates changes so tell us in the comments below how you are going to use this dirty little secret!


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