What To Know BEFORE You Hire A Health Coach

Health Coaching is really starting to explode. More and more people are becoming aware of what health coaches do, and why they are integral to changing your lifestyle.

I keep seeing Health Coaching in the news, recommended by some big names, Dr. Oz, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Frank Lipman, Tara Stiles, Mastin Kipp, Dr. Mark Hyman, and the list goes on.


I absolutely love hearing why everyone is backing Health Coaches. It makes total sense, Health Coaches bridge the gap between goals and recommendations from other wellness practitioners, and provide in-depth support to actually achieve your goals.

Lets say you were told to cut out sugar out of your diet. Awesome. So now you are just going to stop eating sugar right? Ya how long are you going to stick with that? Maybe 3 weeks? That’s because no one is giving you any advice on HOW to cut the sugar out, or what you can use instead of sugar, even where sugar is actually hiding in your foods, and what its really doing inside your body.

A Health Coach is there to hold your hand, give you step by step advice to cut out the sugar and make sure you have recipes, and everything you need to be successful over the long term. This is totally not the fault of the first doctor, dentist, massage therapist, etc, it is just outside of the scope of their practice. That’s why a Health Coach is key to your healthy lifestyle change.


Before you run out and hire a Health Coach, let me help you to make sure you don’t get burned. Make sure you ask these 5 questions before you hire.


1. What training and experience do you have?

The thing is, as of now, anyone can call themselves a Health Coach. I have been trained in over 150 different dietary theories, spent hours learning about not just nutrition, but coaching as well. I went to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, specializing in Health Coaching. Make sure you are comfortable with their training and experience, find out what they learned through their training.

2. What are your beliefs on health and wellness?

Everyone has an opinion, but make sure you agree with theirs. If you hear a Health Coach talk about one way of eating, or just focusing on food and exercise, walk away.

I focus on two main concepts in my coaching, bioindividuality and primary foods.

Bioindividuality is the concept that there’s no one way to eat for everyone. One person’s food is another person’s poison. I will teach you exactly how to listen to your beautiful body and find out what is best for you, so you can glow from the inside and out.

Primary Foods is the concept that being healthy is more than just what you eat, in fact, what you eat is actually secondary. We’ll work together and look at your career, relationships, physical activity, and spirituality to get your whole life in balance along with what you eat. This is what creates sustainable change, not like a fad diet.

3. What if something comes up that is out of the scope of your practice?

If anyone is assuring you they can “fix it all” walk away, thank them for taking the time to meet with you and be done. As much as I can help tons of different people, with different problems, I do not know it all. That’s why I have a referral network. I have trusted wellness practitioners, that I know and understand their view and how they work. I can not only ask these people for advice, I can put you directly in touch with them.

That doesn’t mean that our coaching program is over, just that you can add another layer to heal your body. I have connections with gyms, personal trainers, massage therapist, chiropractors, acupuncturist, naturopathic doctors, yoga teachers, and the list goes on. We help each other to help our clients, plain and simple.

4.  How do you factor in my input?

Trick Question!

You should be in complete control. It’s your body, you are an expert on your body. I have no idea what it feels like you be you, what happens inside when you skip breakfast, or eat meat, only you do. If you tell me that’s not going to work for me, I LOVE it! I love that you know yourself, and are being honest with me. I will work with you to come up with something that will work, that you’re actually super excited about.

If someone tells you anything other than that, get the hell out of there.

5. What happens if I get stuck?

It’s going to happen, when you’re making big changes and dealing with past pain, and confidence issues, you will get stuck, everyone does. You will feel resistance to change, self-sabotage, and feel defeated.

You are looking for someone who will start looking into your emotional, mental, or spiritual life. They should ask you big questions that make you really think, but at the same time, feel confident sitting with you in that space, making you feel safe, and helping you to get to the root of the issue. That’s how you will heal and become unstuck.

Hiring a Health Coach can help everyone, even I have a Health Coach!


It helps everyone to talk it out, get some easy to follow steps, and to be held accountable. Just make sure when you are hiring a Health Coach you ask the right questions to make sure you get the experience you want, and have the biggest transformation you can imagine!

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  1. Interesting article! You’re right, I’ve been hearing a lot more about health coaching recently. I’ve always wondered what the difference between a personal trainer and health coach are. This answers some of those questions!

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