7 Thoughts About My Business That Are WRONG

When I am talking about Health Coaching, I tend to hear the same things that are just straight up not true. So today I’m going to set the record straight.


So you’re a Dietitian?

Nope, I’m a Health Coach. I do not have to use the Canadian Food Guide, I’m not focusing on counting calories, measuring portion sizes, and the exact specifics of what you are eating. RD’s (registered dietitians) have more formal training regarding biology and biochemistry. However, they are less likely to provide individualized support and does not take into account the non-dietary aspects of life that promote healing (such as your career, relationships, spirituality and physical activity) That means your anxiety about work, lack of sleep or adequate hydration, or time for relaxation. All of which play a huge role in your healing. They tend to focus on disease-management and getting rid of symptoms rather than creating a life that you absolutely love.

I have to feed kids and my whole family too, they aren’t excited about steamed veggies and “bird food”

You will decide what foods to make, I give you the tools to be able to put together your own meal plan, and the recipes I am providing you are super tasty, and have been eaten by children and families and they loved it! I will show you how to make your favourite foods healthy. You won’t feel deprived and starving. (Yes, even chocolate!)

You have to have a condition or serious health problem to become a client

NO! In fact, Health Coaches often work with clients who are generally healthy. Everyone can benefit from health coaching as they may not be practicing nutrition and lifestyle habits that will ensure long-term health and vitality. All my clients begin the program by filling out a Health History form so I can pinpoint any areas, obvious or not, where better health and lifestyle choices can be made.

I can’t afford it

The money you save from changing your eating habits is substantial, the average family spends $2784 eating out and $1092 on coffee every year. That’s a lot of money you can save right there.

Plus feeling more confident will help you to make more money. Did you know boosting your self esteem will actually make you more money at work? On average people with a high self esteem make $7000 a year more!

You’ll actually save more money than the program costs. How much is it costing you by feeling stuck and not moving forward?

I’ve done so many programs and diets and gained all the weight back

This isn’t a diet, there is no list of good and bad food, you’ll use lifestyle changes, and listen to your own body to find out what is good for you personally. This makes the changes sustainable long after you complete the program, so don’t worry, you wont gain the weight back.

I will sign up later

As my programs grow, so does the cost of running them, unfortunately I cannot guarantee prices at our next release date, also sign up is a limited time and since I am constantly learning, growing, and changing, so are my programs, this is why there are no open sign ups to my programs. I have select dates to release them, and cannot guarantee that any program will be offered again in the same form.

Why do you want to wait to feel better? Change can be scary and I totally appreciate that, but the scary part is over once you commit to the change. Really, after you sign up, that’s when it gets exciting, I promise.

I should be able to do this by myself

I have been trained through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in over 150 different dietary theories, coaching practices, and had industry leaders teach my lectures, like Deepok Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Marion Nestle, Arianna Huffington, Geneen Roth, Dr. David Katz, and so many more. I have worked with many different clients to hone what works and what plain doesn’t. I am also trained and experienced in coaching, to help keep you motivated and accountable. Having someone there to ask questions that make you dig deeper, listen to you, and help to push you further is what will speed up your transformation and get you the life you desire.

About Amanda Greenthumb

Hey, I’m Amanda! I help busy, successful women feel FEARLESS, SEXY AND HEALTHY by teaching them everything they need to know about food, how to have more energy and boost self-confidence to fall in love with their life. I have two coaching programs The Fearless, Sexy and Healthy Group Coaching, and The Elite Private Coaching Program. I am also the creator of Naturally Conquer Your Cravings the free 7 day E-Course, and a blogger at amandagreenthumb.com

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