How To Feel Sexy- 7 Secrets All Women Need To Hear

How sexy do you feel right now?

What if I told you I can help you feel sexier than ever in 7 simple steps?

Well, just read on little lady…


how to feel sexy

Feeling sexy has nothing to do with weight or physical appearance. It’s all about confidence. No matter how much weight you lose, dress sizes you shrink, or the size of your thighs, if you aren’t working on the inside, you can’t become your sexiest self.


I am going to show you 7 simple steps you can take right now to bring out your inner Beyonce, and your beaming confidence will makes you so irresistible to that special someone and every new opportunity that comes your way.

1. Say It Out Loud: Mantras will benefit you in many ways, like reducing anxiety and depression, soothing you and best of all ending negative self talk. Be honest, you’re guilty of putting yourself down, in your mind, 712 times a day. Trust me, that’s not making you feel sexy. So let’s change that mantra and make it loving and confidence boosting, instead of self defeating.

I love this one: “I am sexy and beautiful. I am enough”

2. Matching Undies: Pretty self explanatory. I’m not standing along saying that matching underwear makes me feel sexy. For the record I am NOT advocating showing everyone your matching underwear, this is just for you. Not many people will see this, I think that’s why it makes us feel so sexy. It’s a secret that only we know about what’s going on under our clothes.

3. Dressing Up: Spending time and giving yourself attention, automatically makes you feel sexier and boosts confidence. It’s like eating with the “good china”, it might not happen everyday, but that’s what makes you feel so special. Think about the last time you went all out, I’m sure there were compliments, you expressed yourself, maybe you ran into someone important and really stood out. You looked good and you felt good.

4. Have a Sexy Bath: Get your mind out the gutter! I’m talking about essential oils. It’s not always easy to find time to care for yourself. Soaking in a bath is an amazing way to give yourself a little love, unwind, and doesn’t take huge amounts of time or planning. Using essential oils to promote feelings of sensuality and sexuality has been around for hundreds years. Ylang-ylang is a favourite, but also check out blends specifically for this purpose. Not only will you be smelling them in the bath, but also on your beautiful body after.

5. Exercise/Movement: I know you don’t want to see this on the list. No one is asking you to train for a marathon, unless you want to. Instead focus on movement like, walking outside in nature, doing yoga, or dancing. Your skin will look better, stress levels will drop, you’ll sleep better, feel more confident and exercise actually boosts your sex hormones, so you will certainly feel sexier.

6. Hot Towel Scrub: It’s so simple. Fill up a sink with hot water, add a few drops of essential oils (optional), light some candles (optional) and using a face cloth, scrub down your entire body. Taking as much time as you want, 2-20 minutes, or longer. It’s recommended to do this daily, or twice a day. While you are scrubbing down your body send love to each body part, for example, your belly for giving you intuition. The hot towel scrub has a long list of benefits such as: reducing muscle tension, re-energizing in the morning, deeply relaxing at night, opening pores to releases toxins, softening deposits of hard fat below the surface and preparing them for discharge, calming the mind, and creating profound self loving relationship, especially in anyone with body image issues. After a few days you will notice a deeper connection to your body and feel sexier and more confident.

7. Be Grateful: Nothing will boost your confidence and fall in love with your life, like being grateful. Instead of focusing on negativity, switch to positivity. No matter what you’re going through, being grateful helps. Appreciate all the love in your life. Make a list of 10 things you are grateful for right now.

Feeling sexy doesn’t have to be hard, you can make simple changes today to start feeling and living your sexiest life that you absolutely love.

If you are feeling a little sexier already, share this with your friends and family.


What did I miss? What makes you feel sexy?

Let us know in the comment below.

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