3 Steps to Love Your Postpartum Body

On August 26, 2015 we welcomed our perfect little man, Lucas, into our lives. He is adorable and has totally changed my life, as you’d expect a baby would. What I didn’t initially love was my foreign postpartum body. Stretch marks, huge uncomfortable boobs, the area formally known as my belly button, and the list goes on. My postpartum body was a hard pill to swallow, but using these three steps, I fell in love with my postpartum body.

I’ll be honest, sometimes I judge myself. I judge myself on how I look, which I’m sure you can relate. Being pregnant, and hugely pregnant by the end, I was practicing letting go of the judgement, or so I thought. Here’s the truth, I was pregnant, I looked pregnant and everyone who saw me, knew I was pregnant.

In the hospital, I wasn’t so concerned with what I looked like. I was recovering from an intense birth that ended in a cesarean, and adjusting to having a baby and not being able to move. The only judgement I was feeling was towards the hospital food.

The second day home from the hospital I took my little man to the grocery store and bumped into an acquaintance, he said “Oh wow, you’re ready to pop!”

Me: “Uh nope, already popped, this is him.” Pointing to Lucas in the stroller I was pushing. Shit got really awkward, but that’s when the judgement started.

Let me be clear that I never assumed I would snap back to my pre-pregnancy body. (If you have, more power to ya, but this was not my experience.) But I never thought I would struggle as much as I did. Now a month later, after daily affirmations, negative self talk work, and some serious self love, I can say honestly that I love my body and if you follow these three steps you can too!

1. Deal with the judgement:

Not only was I judging myself, but I was judging other people too. TRUTHBOMB. I cut the judgement out all together. Every time I found myself judging, I would stop and send light and love instead. Sounds simple, but this showed me how judge-mental I really was, plus I felt like I was doing something positive instead of being a serious bitch to people I didn’t know. Really, who am I to judge anyone?!

2. Let go of the overnight change. It’s a process.

When I coach my beautiful clients, that is always something I stress, enjoy the process, but I absolutely needed a refresher. I started to focus on baby steps, little accomplishments I made each day. Like drinking enough water, going for walks, and drinking green drinks. I stopped stepping on the scale and inspecting my body. It’s a process, just let it be. I also practiced gratitude. Today is the only time I will experience this. Just like Lucas will only be a newborn one time, I will only be in this moment right now. Instead of wishing it were over I am grateful for the lessons I can learn everyday. And that’s how I can actually enjoy the process.

3. Appreciate how freaking amazing our bodies are.

Uh you just created a human….enough said?? Think about how amazing that is, maybe you are feeding him with your body too. Plus your body is healing and recovering all by itself, already knowing what to do. Our bodies are amazing, something to be cherished and loved not harshly judged.

Let’s Recap:

  1. cut the judgement – for you and everyone else, send light and love instead
  2.  it’s a process – focus on the positives (like your beautiful baby) and make baby steps that feel right for you
  3. your body is amazing – you just created a human, you’re doing good lady! Send your body some love, you’re going to get back into those jeans in time.

If you have any tips on how you fell in love with your postpartum body, please share with us in the comments below

Sending you light and love,


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