Breaking Up With My Abusive Lover…SUGAR

Sugar is exactly like a piece of shit, abusive partner, and we’ve recently broken up.

You know that moment, a few months after a break-up, when you look back and think…

What the hell was I thinking?

That is me today, with sugar.

Why is sugar like an abusive partner?

All the warning signs are there, Sugar is controlling and has extremely unrealistic expectations. (Just a little bit or it’s totally fine to eat) Sugar also blames others for it’s own mistake. (It’s your fault you’re overweight, not exercising enough, or diseases are all genetic, not related to diet) There is isolation, feeling alone, suffering the negative effects from your boo, Sugar.

You feel addicted to sugar, sudden mood swings, no energy and sugar has a history of treating all his partner’s like shit.

It’s time to throw sugar to the curb once and for all.


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