DIY Curry Powder

Making spice mixes from scratch improves the flavour, amps up nutrition with mega doses of spices and herbs that are way fresher than anything you can buy in the store. Buying your herbs and spices in the whole form, also allows you to toast them, which improves their flavour tremendously.

A good curry powder also has a high price tag, and this curry powder recipe rivals anything you’ve even bought from the store, I promise.

I love having this on hand, it’s super simple to add to veggies and rice for a quick meal that’s packed with flavour and nutrition. Did you know that turmeric is the #1 anti-inflammatory food on the planet? So not only will it taste amazing, it’s also crazy good for your body. Win-Win!

What You Need:


20 cardamon pods

2 tablespoons coriander seeds

2 cinnamon sticks broken up

2 teaspoons of black mustard seeds

3 teaspoons of cumin seeds

3 dried hot chilies

6 tablespoons ground turmeric


What To Do:


  1. Combine everything except the turmeric into a DRY frying pan. Use Medium heat, and shift the pan to keep them toasting evenly. It takes about 4 minutes, but you’ll know when it’s done with the spices start to pop.
  2. Open up all the cardamon pods, and take out the black seeds. I just used a knife to pop them open.
  3. Grind all the spices in a coffee grinder. (you could also use a mortal and pestle too)
  4. Add to bowl with ground turmeric and stir to combine completely.
  5. Store in an air tight container for 3 months at room temperature, or 1 year in the freezer. If using freezer bags, just double bag it.

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