How To Balance Work And Home: 5 Secrets All Working Moms Need To Hear

Are you feeling pulled in a million directions? Deadlines, long work hours, play dates, appointments, lunches, housework, guilt about being away from the fam jam?

I so feel you mama.

This was me 6 months ago. I felt overwhelmed, defeated and completed uninspired.

As I was sitting in a coffee shop, on a client call with one of my amazing 1:1 clients, I was listening to her explain how out of balance she felt, she even compared it to drowning under all her to-dos. I had this sinking feeling, because everything she was saying resonated with me so intensely.

After this huge wake up call, I knew exactly what we both needed to do to bring ourselves back to balance.

Feeling out of balance as a busy mom impacts all areas of our lives, significantly. To create harmony in your life and establish a healthy rhythm that is sustainable and feels good to you





• It is impossible to continue doing work or being present for others at home or at work, in any dedicated way, if you are not well taken care of. Recharging your batteries is essential. (love this one, especially if you don’t love your body: hot towel scrub)
• It doesn’t have to cost money or take hours. Having a 15 min bath, walk around the block, dancing to your favourite song, or a yoga class, getting your nails or hair done and even focusing on your breathe for a few minutes
• Build time into your schedule to indulge in things you love to do that nourish you. If it’s not scheduled, it’s not real.


• Establish working and non-working hours, and honor your word regarding your schedule. This is massive if you work from home or own your business. There has to be time to turn it off and be present with your family, partner, and yourself.
• Clearly communicate guidelines for how and when to reach you outside of these hours if necessary.
• Healthy boundaries will improve your quality of life and relationships with others. Own your power mama.


• Conserve your energy by limiting the amount of “back and forth” between tasks. I’m a batching lover, it saves so much time and energy, which for us busy moms, is gold.
• Maintain focus and dedication to similar tasks so you can ride the momentum and improve efficiency. Single task, laser focus. I batch: planning, shopping, errands, cooking, cleaning, emails, social media, client calls, writing blog posts (yes it’s a writing block for me right now) Instead of checking my emails 74 times a day, I have two “buffer blocks” everyday, scheduled, to do just this. Hello mental white space! Is it your house that is feeling cluttered and endlessly messy? You need the Busy Mom Cleaning Schedule

GET SUPPORT FROM YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS (yes, you have to ask for help)

• Communicate your vision and goals, and include ways in which they can help. By focusing on what you want to create and including your partner, family and friends, they will be able to see the big picture. Get specific, how can they help? What would be the most helpful thing for you right now? Get creative – as my business mentor Marie Forleo always says, “everything is figureoutable”
• Getting family and friends on board with your vision will help you stay accountable.


• A plan with goals and action steps will help keep you on track. Let’s be real here, money is a major stressor for most people. If your goal is financial freedom or an extra $500 a month, create a plan to get there. Need help with that? Book a complimentary, 30 minute laser session to create your 3 year income plan
• An action plan with clearly defined and measurable objectives allows you to monitor your progress and make adjustments when necessary. Measurable is key here, how will you know if you reach your goal?

So bust out your planner mama and schedule yourself back to balance. By creating time for yourself and making YOU a priority again, working smarter, certainly not harder and asking for help, the constant guilt and stress will dissolve into being present, focused and moving forward towards the life of your dreams.

Having a tribe of other busy moms around you, going through the exact same transition, into balance will sky rocket your results. If you haven’t yet, check out Balanced and Beautiful, I think it’s right up your alley mama.

Let me know in the comments below what helps you the most to feel balanced as a busy mom?


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  1. How do I create a 3 yr plan to achieve the income I want? Or the income we want as a family? I’m really not into “marketing plans, stock trading or working from home”. Thanks

    PS. I totally agree with taking care of yourself.

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