6 Busy Mom Hacks To Save Your Sanity In The Kitchen

I just got off the phone with a client who was at her breaking point with the dinner time drama.


I’m sure you can relate. Picky eaters, multiple grocery trips a week, making the same meals, throwing out a massive amount of food, expensive food costs, take out, stress, constantly thinking about what to eat and buckets of guilt.

My heart sank when I listened to how much pain she was in, feeling stuck, uninspired and like she had failed. She asked me “HOW DO I SAVE TIME IN THE KITCHEN AS A BUSY MOM?”

Drum roll please….




Wondering around a grocery store with a melting toddler, trying to think of what you’re going to eat for dinner in 5 days, may be actual hell.

We’ve all been there, no plan, exhausted and hungry. This is when processed foods sneak in our cart and we stop for fast food on the way home. Not only does is cost a small fortune MORE to shop this way, stress levels are high, we never get everything we need, resulting in 3 more trips this week and so much wasted time.


Creating a shopping list that is organized like your grocery store, is going to blow your freaking mind. It is insanely faster. All my veggies are in one list, so when we go through the produce section, BAM, mama gets it all. I’m sharing my list with you, because I know how busy you are, just click the button below.



It doesn’t need to be lavish, complicated meals. Meal planning still counts if it’s a list of 3 dinners you will be making this week. Before you say you “don’t have enough time” to meal plan.

Answer this: How often do you think about what you’re going to make for dinner?


Typically, this thought is running through our mom brains A LOT. Every. Single. Day. Imagine how much more mental white space you could create by spending time once a week to make a rough plan?

New to meal planning? I have the perfect article for you mama.



The slow cooker is a freakin godsend to busy moms. Dump and go dinner is perfect for when I’m gone all day, the summer heat is more than I can handle (plug it outside!) or I won’t be around for dinner. My favourite part is that you can prep and freeze them raw. I love frozen crockpot meals so damn much I’ve created an eBook of recipes and even hosted a webinar all about my tips and tricks.

It’s all yours mama, click here


You can take this as far as you want. From cutting some fresh fruit and veggies in the fridge for snacks for the week. Or cutting all the produce you buy, cooking a large batch of plain grains, making sauces and salad dressings.

Look ahead at your weekly meal plan. What could you prep for yourself?

(if you just answered no effing idea…I can explain how to food prep here)

This means washing, cutting, and storing the produce before cooking. I spend one day grocery shopping and then prepping all the food. It saves me time, I have to do less cleaning, and it makes it so much easier to just grab ingredients and cook. I always recommend this to clients looking to drop a few pounds because investing your time and energy at the beginning always makes you much more likely to actually eat all those tasty veggies!


I’m not the type of person that can eat the same thing, over and over. If you can, rock on mama. If you’re like me, try portioning and freezing leftovers. I find that in a few weeks that dinner looks mighty tasty again. Portioning out frozen “plates” *think homemade TV dinners* is also perfect for when a picky eater refuses dinner. #momhack

Creating leftovers is beyond simple, just double or triple your recipe. You’re already cooking, everything is already out, why not let this meal work for you twice?


No matter how big or small it is, this is our secret weapon.

Let’s get real here for a minute. I know you aren’t always going to have enough time to eat a plant based, homemade meal.


You know why?


Because I don’t either.


Yup. Me.

Amanda Greenthumb, certified health coach, blogger, health nut,


announcing that it doesn’t always happen.



I know myself, I know that there are going to be days when I’m mega busy or lazy (we’re being honest right?) I can set myself up for success because I’m aware of this. My pantry is my secret weapon for super fast meals (think oatmeal, beans, whole grain pasta)

Not to mention snacks. Healthy snacks are a MUST as a busy mom. I came across this snack list during my training at The Institute for Integrated Nutrition and it makes so much sense. They’ve divided the snack into tastes (salty, crunchy, creamy and sweet)

Uh…Hello! That’s perfect.

Each week I can pick one snack from each taste column and no matter what cravings hit, we’re golden.

Want my Foods To Have On Hand AND Healthy Snack List? Exact brands and items I keep stocked in my home.

Click the button below.


How do you save time in the kitchen? What are your mom hacks?? Post in the comments below. Knowledge is power 🙂

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