Balanced and Beautiful

what is balanced and beautiful?


Balanced and Beautiful is an 8 week, interactive video based, group coaching program that teaches easy, effective health and wellness strategies to busy, powerful women who want to feel abundant, radiant, confident and have more balance in their hectic lives.


Whether you’re brand new to healthy living or are a clean eating rock star, Balanced and Beautiful will challenge you to let go of what doesn’t serve you, and fall in love with your life. It’s designed for busy, powerful women, who are feeling out of balance, not good enough, or not connected to their authentic voice. We are rebellious, powerful ladies and not about to give up chocolate or wine, don’t worry, you don’t have to. Are you ready to turn your hectic days into a nourishing, balanced life that fuels your deepest desires and your higher purpose?

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How Does Balanced and Beautiful Work?


The training is released in weekly modules and consists of easy-to-follow videos and audios, delicious recipes and a workbook to accompany the entire program.

Clients can view the training videos and audios, connect with others, and get support from their tribe.

Balanced and Beautiful also includes interactive components like weekly group coaching calls where Amanda and the other Balanced and Beautiful coaches answers questions and offers support and strategic advice to ensure that our tribe takes consistent action and receive the highest value from their investment.

All calls are recorded, for your convenience.



If you want to learn how to master the art of letting go, the easy way to eat whole foods that actually taste amazing, get mega doses of nutrition, how to take the utmost care of yourself, and fill your heart with gratitude. Balanced and Beautiful is for you.

Our ideal tribe members are ready for a change, craving connection of other women going through the same struggles, and want to feel electric, radiant, abundant, valuable, with flowing buzzing electric energy.




Have you ever heard someone say that two heads are better than one?

What about 11?


We are taking Balanced and Beautiful up a notch this year, you might recognize some of these ladies as guest speakers in previous years, but this year things just got a whole lot more amazing.

One person’s outlook, recommendations and personal experience may not be the right fit.

And that’s 100% OK.

Each of these ladies brings an incredible amount of value to the table, from NEW online yoga classes, recipes, videos, extra trainings, SPANISH CALLS, the list is endless and we are so freaking excited.

Best part is, we actually lowered the price and added in so much more value


Because our mission is to change the world through health and wellness, a world free of disease and suffering where all women feel balanced, beautiful and truly love their authentic selves.


Get a taste of the program before you invest

with our THREE part video training serieS

Video 1: Creating Mental White Space Like a Boss

Simple exercise to get all of those to-dos out of your head, and create space to for new opportunities and positive thoughts

Video 2: All The Dirty Details About Balanced and Beautiful

Everything you want to know

Video 3: What Does Your Future Hold?

One of our favourite exercises, let’s hash out what you really want to achieve for the next few months to over 10 years. A fun and easy way to get clear on your vision and goals, you may be surprised what comes out.



I know as a busy woman you don’t always have two hands to eat with, let alone hours to create dinner every night. Learn how to meal prep and grocery shop like a boss. Get clear on your goals and put “me-time” back in your schedule. Simple tweaks in your everyday life, can explode your results and create amazing momentum.

It’s time you feel radiant, electric, balanced, beautiful, and have the energy to nourish yourself and your family. In 8 weeks your balanced and confident self will feel refreshed, full of energy and glow from the inside out.

Have complete accountability through your tribe members, coaching calls, one on one check-ins, videos and guest speakers. Finally become an expert in the confusing world of nutrition and find your authentic voice. You will glow from the inside out, cook like a chef, and feel better than you have in years. 

Did I mention, you can make all this happen from home?


Our sessions happen every Thursday, for 50 minutes. We meet via video conference, using zoom conference, every Thursday from 6:00 – 6:50pm PST, making it easy to schedule. Don’t worry, sessions are recorded, in case life comes up.

Every Thursday From 6:00-6:50 pm PST


What You’ll Learn

The purpose of Balanced and Beautiful is to master the art of letting go, get back to basic with your food choices, take the utmost care of yourself and get mega doses of nutrition at every meal. Learn how to spend less time cooking and thinking about what’s for dinner and more time eating, even with a little one on your hip.

After Balanced and Beautiful your body will love you, you will know what to eat and why, so you can finally feel confident and beautiful again, and fall in love with your life.


What Exactly Will We Cover In Balanced And Beautiful?

There are eight core learning Modules, plus a dynamic workbook to accompany each module and advanced training. When you’re making an investment in yourself, it’s important to know what you’re getting. That’s why we share our exact curriculum — so you can make sure this program is right for you.


  • how to make the best vision board
  • creating SMART goals
  • clean sweep to get your home environment ready and set you up for success
  • pantry clean out
  • a Health Coach’s shopping list

MODULE ONE: October 16, 2017

  • number one missing food from our diets
  • water drinking guidelines
  • everything you need to know about organic food, and what to stop buying organic
  • journaling for clarity and healing
  • drinking your greens, and how to prep them in advance

MODULE TWO: October 23, 2017

  • proteins, and portion sizes, plus how to prep them when you have no time
  • the facts of fats
  • what type of movement is best for your personality

MODULE THREE: October 30, 2017

  • grains, the only handout you’ll ever need, to cook any grain
  • cooking in bulk
  • superfoods, herbs and spices
  • supplements

MODULE FOUR: November 6, 2017

  • self care for busy moms
  • how to take the utmost care of yourself
  • this week we will be bad!

MODULE FIVE: November 13, 2017 

  • meditation
  • breathing to calm your frazzled mind
  • how to push through your fears

MODULE SIX: November 20 2017

  • juicing
  • 1:1 laser sessions to tackle your hold ups immediately

MODULE SEVEN: November 27, 2017

  • mindfulness
  • guest speaker

MODULE EIGHT: December 4, 2017 

  • primary and secondary foods
  • celebration

BONUSES: December 11, 2017

We love our balanced and beautiful women, and after you’ve completed the program, you will receive special advanced training to take your results to the next level and keep the momentum going.

  • how to get unstuck and create abundance
  • how to get yourself back onto the wagon
  • frozen crock pot meals + recipe eBook
  • 10 Lifesaving Habits For Busy Powerful Women: A Guide To Feel Balanced and Beautiful eBook



Check Out Our Workbook To Keep You On Track and Drastically Improve Your Results




What are past clients saying?


Before taking Balanced and Beautiful I was very hesitant about investing that much money, which at the time, felt like a lot. I was concerned it would be just a Facebook Group I was dumped into and I would be left on my own to figure out what changes I needed to make. I couldn’t have been more wrong.



After completing the Balanced and Beautiful program, quite literally everything has changed for me. Internally, my mindset has shifted and I’m in love with life again. Which created a beautiful charge in all the different parts of me; from finding a different job that I enjoy so much more, having more energy and feeling more creative then I have in years! I’m truly so grateful to have been apart of this program, and to have allowed myself the opportunity for this change, is something I know I will never forget.

I loved the honesty and sincerity of the support given throughout the entire group, this was essential to making the changes stick. I would absolutely recommend this program, it has changed my life for the best!

– Kate

I didn’t have hesitations about purchasing the product. I knew that I needed a reputable high quality supplement in my life and I trusted in the USANA company. Perhaps I was hesitant because of the price but that quickly faded once I felt so much more energy. I also looked at it as one pair of jeans and a sweater costs the same price and my health is the most important thing to me because with out it nothing is the same.

sarahI allowed more love into my life and entered into a real strong positive relationship. I am nurturing my family relationships more and spending time with people who are positive influence in my life. My spirituality has improved, being very present in my outdoor walks and in the small, little joys. I laugh a lot, especially when something goes wrong or I spill something or get stuck in traffic. I find so much joy in being alone and laughing away.

I am more intent on my yoga practice. And my home environment has changed, cleaner, more organized kitchen, focused on keeping my clothing

drawers clean and understanding the importance of organization in the physical space transferring to organization in my mind. My eating habits have improved and when I do eat unhealthy food, I’m very aware and listen to my body and reflect on the way I feel. I am experimenting with new ways of eating and new foods I never thought possible before Balanced and Beautiful!

I felt Balanced and Beautiful added to my weeks tremendously! I think that each week I felt more and more focused on daily healthy activities. I think everyone needs a reset and the 8 weeks flew by. It was very enlightening and supportive and I really enjoyed myself and got to know other awesome women.

Specifically I enjoyed the calls the most. They kept me in integrity and speaking out loud helped to focus my personal thoughts and goals. I really enjoyed hearing other peoples stories and progress through the calls as well.

This was a fun, new and interesting experience for me. I showed up for myself and showed up to the calls each week for 8 weeks, proving that i can commit to something healthy for myself. I benefited so much from the self-care routines, the morning intentions, the water filter, the green smoothies and i cant wait to take the program again and get more in depth.

I would absolutely recommend this program to any busy woman who is looking to feel their best and achieve their goals in a balanced way. These supplements have completed changed my life and business for the best, I am in love!


My RAW and EXPOSED story behind the creation of Balanced and Beautiful



Weekly coaching sessions, audio and video modules, private Facebook group, unlimited email support, recorded sessions, handouts, and other goodies.

When you are feeling good, and have a support team behind you, there’s nothing you can’t do. Unlimited email support between sessions which means if you get stuck, have a burning question, or just need some love; we are here for you to guide you and make sure you feel in control and confident. We will keep you moving forward towards a life you love.

A team invested in your success. The whole team will celebrate your success, a win for one person, is a win for the whole group.

Recorded sessions, we get it, life happens. If you miss a session, you can listen after. Or you can go back and re-listen to everything you said, to really soak it in. We love this feature, being able to listen to yourself talk about an issue leads to the best AHA moments.



Your training is released in weekly Modules within your email account. Each Module is filled with step-by-step training videos, listen anywhere audios, resources, and recipes. You’ll watch and learn from your computer, or download your training to your tablet or mobile device.

Our weekly group coaching sessions is a place to share what’s working, get advice, and be held accountable to your goals. Just click a link and join us using zoom conference, we will be able to see each other, each Thursday at 6:00pm PST. All sessions will be recorded, in case life comes up and you miss one.

Our goal is to make your online learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.



We totally get that as a busy, powerful woman you don’t have endless hours to watch videos. That’s why we’ve broken down our core training into short, digestible videos and audios. Each lesson is between 10-25 minutes long. We want you to learn, implement, and take action as quickly as possible without any overwhelm or brain fatigue.



You’ll get access to one Module per week over the course of the eight week program. As soon as you sign up, you will get access to the private Facebook Group, program guide, workbook, your supplements will be ordered, and you will have access to all the prep week goodies. Module One will be released on OCTOBER 16, 2017




There is NO behind in Balanced and Beautiful! You have access to the entire program for life, it’s yours to keep. Translation. If you have a serious life event, wedding, or a tropical vacation planned, you can join us when you return. You can revisit and review, forever.


Let me show you how to save thousands of dollars…


Think of all the cash you will save by just eating out less and drinking less coffee. The average family spends $2784 eating out and $1092 on coffee every year.

Did you know boosting your self esteem will actually make you more money at work? On average people with a high self esteem make $7000 a year more.

You’ll learn how to save time in the grocery store, the kitchen, preparing meals, and all the time you spend obsessing about food choices and how you look in the mirror.

You will clear out mental space and get focused on living the life of your dreams. You’ll finally have time to build a life you love.

Your relationships will blossom and become more harmonious, with a deeper connection to your loved ones, not to mention a more loving and caring relationship with yourself.



In 8 weeks your health will undergo a transformation, you’ll heal faster, have less chance of disease, glowing skin, strong hair and nails, improved mental clarity, wrinkles will lessen, and stress levels will melt away.

Our Guarantee and No-Risk Refund Policy


We want you to sign up with no risks so here’s our guarantee, after two weeks if you feel like this isn’t working and you aren’t seeing and feeling the benefits you can stop, and stop paying. That’s right, you are not required to pay for the remainder of the program, there will, however, be a $50 cancellation fee.

That being said, we have never had anyone stop a coaching program, in fact most clients actually sign up again.

How It Works:


Once you decide to get started. Purchase the program by following the steps below. And voila! We will welcome you into the Balanced and Beautiful private Facebook group, where you get instant access to our Program Guide, welcome form explaining how to get the most out of Balanced and Beautiful, program schedule, with the dates and times of all of our sessions, and the circle of life form, this is a tool we will use many times through out the program to track your progress, and gorgeous workbook with big coaching questions that accompanies each module.

This is also where everyone can start getting to know one another. This is where all the files can be downloaded, recorded sessions will be kept, and your handouts can be downloaded, along with motivation and your tribe members.

Program Guide


we know how much this means to you, because we’ve been there.

having an expert in nutrition and health and wellness

in your personal support system is crucial to your success.


Are you asking questions like…


  • I’ve done so many programs and diets and gained all the weight back
  • My partner/family won’t understand
  • I won’t have enough time
  • I don’t want to stop eating all my favourite foods
  • What if I fall behind
  • I have special dietary restrictions
  • I will sign up later
  • I should be able to do this by myself
  • Will I have to tell you everything?
  • I am a chronic procrastinator will this program work for me
  • I have to feed kids and my whole family too, they aren’t excited about steamed veggies and “bird food”
  • What if I gain the weight back after?
  • What’s your refund policy?

Click to read the Frequently Asked Questions page

Program Investment – 3 Options



Balanced and beautiful Program

2 payments of $127.85 CAD, plus tax and shipping, 

If you’re looking to get on track and stay on track with a healthy lifestyle program, this option is for you.

This option is the minimum order for the program and will set you up perfectly for success!

  • 1 Cellsentials Multivitamin (product code 101)
  • 1 BiOmega Fish Oil (product code 122)
  • 1 Probiotics (product code 108)


balanced and beautiful program + detoxing microbiome

2 payments of $199.75 CAD, plus tax and shipping, 

This option is for those looking for an extra detox and gut health boost. Probiotics, digestive enzymes, and our liver support supplement will cleanse the system and balance your gut microbiome.

  • 1 Cellsentials Multivitamin (product code 101)
  • 1 BiOmega Fish Oil (product code 122)
  • 1 Probiotics (product code 108)
  • 1 Digestive Enzyme (product code 111)
  • 1 Hepasil DTX (product code 135)


balanced and beautiful program + Weight loss

2 payments of $313.55 CAD, plus tax and shipping, 

This is a great option for anyone wanting to shed extra pounds. You’ll replace two meals per day with a healthy shake for 28-days. You’ll also have two healthy snacks and one additional low glycemic meal each day. You’ll always eat 5x per day and never feel hungry.

  • 1 Cellsentials Multivitamin (product code 101)
  • 1 BiOmega Fish Oil (product code 122)
  • 1 Probiotics (product code 108)
  • 6 Bags Nutrimeal Shakes (product code 210 or 211)
    • OR if you prefer a more plain, allergy-friendly shake base, 4 Bags MySmartShake (product codes 206 [Plant] or 207 [Whey])
  • 1 Blender Bottle for shakes on the go (product code 752)

Psst: If you’re looking to make the most impact, you can combine Options 2 & 3. Order the above and add 1 Digestive Enzyme (product code 111) and 1 Hepasil DTX (product code 135).


Membership to Balanced and Beautiful is in 2 monthly payments of for the entire 8 week program including: coaching calls, program guide, supplements, workbook, group events, videos, recipes, recorded sessions, handouts, giveaways, Facebook community, and bonuses.

Membership can be purchased by clicking the button below and following the directions in the ordering video.


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