28 Truths on my 28th Birthday

28 Truths on my 28th Birthday

I turned 28 this weekend. I had been thinking a lot about how different my life has become in just the last year. Looking to the future, I have so many exciting plans in the works, that I’m sure this year will be completely transformational to my life and business. I thought I would share with […]

Living in Balance

What areas are we talking about to live a balanced life? Food, sleep, hydration, movement, self love, and spirituality. I highly recommend checking in with yourself everyday in all 6 areas to see how you are doing. You are worth enough, right now today, to put the effort in to take care of your body. […]

I am Grateful

I double dog dare you. Right Now…for to be grateful for 10 things. To be grateful to anyone or anything, lessons you have learned, or what you have, friends, family, anything. I’ll wait… I promise the rest of your day will go smoother, you will feel happier. Being grateful helps to think positively, appreciate others, […]

Journey of Healing

I have been on an amazing journey of healing through taking my glorious program at Integrated Nutrition. I have had ups and downs and grown so much. I can truly say I know myself at such a deeper level now. I listen to my body, and respect what it is teaching me. One of the […]