So Simple…Yoga Breathing

In a lecture at school I learned the easiest most effective breathing techniques! It is a fantastic way something so simple can transform your life. Dr. Andrew Weil taught us the 4-7-8 breath. A yoga breathing technique, which requires you to place the tip of your tongue behind your front teeth. Breathe in for 4 […]

The Furry Way to Keep it Simple

As many of you know, I have two dogs. I love them so much, nothing beats snuggling up on the coach with all of them.  Lux and Leon entertain me for hours! It is the simplest way to turn a frown upside down! I asked two other ladies to talk about their furry friends, shocker, […]

Long Distance Relationships

This is a fun one! We’ve been talking about keeping it simple all month. So far, I have really slowed down and stopping to smell the roses. I did something awesome!! I surveyed a group of people in long distance relationships so I could share the results with you! Fun right? I asked 5 simple […]

Go for a Walk

Walking Keep it simple, go for a walk. I have dogs, so walking is part of my daily routine. I truly appreciate our walks, I feel a spiritual connection by being outside in nature and love to watch my little idiots playing and finding only the best sticks. Walking is one of the easiest ways […]


Bad posture is characterized by slumped shoulders and a curved upper back. This affects a lot more than just appearance, it puts an unnecessary stress on your spine. That’s an unnecessary stress on one of the main things holding ourselves together! Ever notice when your body aches, life seems to get harder? Here’s proof. Sit […]


From talking with clients, I have found there are two very different views on mantras. One is that they are very personal, and almost secret, and the other is shouting it from the roof tops. Whichever team you are on, it is agreed that mantras are extremely beneficial. Our thoughts control our feelings. So telling […]