Gardening Session – Carrots

Carrots are extremely high in beta carotene with small amounts of vitamin E. Carrots come in any colour, white, purple, red, orange, and yellow. The Greeks used them for a tonic for stomach problems. During the Medieval time carrot roots were branched, just like their wild origins. The Elizabethans used the flowers, fruits, and leaves […]

Gardening Session – Zucchini

What is a glut? Have you ever heard anyone even say that? A zucchini glut? A glut is when you have so much of something you don’t know what to do. I can almost guarantee if you plant even just one zucchini plant you will experience your own glut. Zucchini are high in beta-carotene, moderate […]

Gardening Session – Just Beet It

First things first, beets will stain you and everything they touch, you have been warned. Beets are slightly higher in carbohydrates than other vegetables, good source of folic acid and potassium. The vegetable we know today as beets, came from the maritime sea beet, along with mangolds (used for cattle fodder), sugar beets, and swiss […]

Gardening Session – Radish

Radish might be the easiest vegetable to grow, seriously. They grow from seed, straight into the ground, the grow in early spring and fall, only take 30-40 days from planting to eating, you can eat them raw or cooked, plus their leaves are edible! Radishes are low in calories, moderate in vitamin C, with small […]

Gardening Session – Peas and Beans

Peas and Beans Peas and beans are so simple to grow and you can also grow them in pots, with something to grow up, like a trellis or porch. They can even add a little privacy on your porch by growing all around it. Good news, the more you pick your peas and beans the […]

Gardening Session: Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers Keep it simple and pot up some flowers that will work overtime for you! Just a few flowers will feed bees, bring beauty and lower stress levels, plus you can even eat them! I love pansys, violas, marigolds, calendula, nasturtiums, dill, and sunflowers. However there are many more edible flowers. I love to […]