Elite Private Coaching

Elite Private Coaching


No Diets, No Restriction.
Just Real Food And Soul Shaking Passion Infused Into Your Life


Learn what to eat, how to use laser focus to create a life you love
One Year Private Coaching Program


Let a Certified Health Coach to work with you to reach all of your personalized goals, learn what to eat, how to use laser focus and create a life you love.
It’s time you feel sexy and confident, worthy of happiness, and have the energy and time to create your passion infused new life.

During our one on one sessions, your program will be specially tailored to meet all of your unique goals, from ending that negative self-talk battle in your mind, to dropping the extra pounds and taking your career to the next level.

Your skin will glow, you’ll learn to cook like a chef, and best of all you will stop obsessing about food and let it be a natural part of your life, instead of consuming your thoughts.
The Elite Coaching Program is for those who want laser focused support. You are in control of every topic covered, where ever you need support, that is exactly what you will be coached on.

Unlike the Fearless, Sexy and Healthy program, that has a set curriculum, your Elite Private Coaching Program is tailored to your unique life, and lasts twice as long.
You can attend our session from anywhere! Your private coaching sessions happen twice a month, for 50 minutes, over the phone. Same day, same time, making it easy to schedule.

All the recommendations are super simple and designed specifically to incorporate into your busy everyday life.

What You’ll Learn


  • The purpose of The Elite Private Coaching Program is to learn exactly what to eat for your unique body, why, and simple tricks to create a life that you absolutely love, so you can feel fearless, sexy, and healthy. We use two main concepts: Bioindividuality and Primary Foods.
  • Bioindividuality is the concept that there’s not one way to eat for everyone. One person’s food is another person’s poison. I have been trained in over 150 different dietary theories and will teach you exactly how to listen to your beautiful body and find out what is best for you, so you can glow from the inside and out.
  • Primary Foods is the concept that being healthy is more than just what you eat, in fact, what you eat is actually secondary. We’ll work together and look at your career, relationships, physical activity, and spirituality to get your whole life in balance along with what you eat. This is how we create a sustainable change, not like a fad diet.
  • How to eat clean and live a passion infused life, we will cover a wide range of topics that suit your unique needs at the time of the session, this can be anything from home cooking tips, conquering fears, goal setting, weight loss tips, juicing and smoothies, causes of cravings, how to foster a positive mindset, physical activity, spirituality, creating healthy relationships, portion sizes, finances, how to manifest your desires, and anything else that comes up during the program.
  • Learn at your own pace, instead of moving with the pace of a group, we can take the time to dig deeper into topics that resonate with you
  • To open up about sensitive topics, and heal from past trauma. We will develop a safe place to get to the root of your problems and start moving forward.
  • Holding our program over one year ensures that we work together long enough to master your “get back on the horse” muscles. You will learn how to pick yourself up and keep making healthy choices, even after you fall off the horse. This is key to your long-term success, and exactly why this program is not a fad diet, or detox, or cleanse. You won’t just lose the weight to gain it all back, this is a lifestyle change that is actually sustainable.
  • Unlimited email support between sessions which means that if you get stuck, have a burning question, or just need some love; I am here for you to guide you and make sure you feel in control and confident. I will keep you moving forward towards a life you love.
  • To get your life back so you can eat without feeling guilty, stop laying in bed and going over every single thing you ate that day, or obsessing about what you need to make to eat for tomorrow. You can finally stop beating yourself up in your mind, constantly telling yourself you’re not good enough, trust me, you’re good enough, I will show you how to really believe it.
  • To feel sexy and beautiful which means more passion and spark in your life, in your relationships, and in how you treat yourself.
  • Bonuses! You will receive my Getting Started Guide, Recipe book with sample meal plans, classes on cooking, healthy shopping, and workshops I run which means you’ll amp up your cooking skills, and get to attend my workshops totally free, without leaving your home. Plus there will be a special bonus after the program is completed to keep you on track even after we stop working together.
  • To make small changes that lead to huge transformations. I worry about the big picture, that means less stress for you. It will be easier to focus on little successes than everything at once.
  • To have a trained professional coaching you as problems arise, someone you can turn to and ask questions or get advice when life happens.
  • To own your power which means you’ll treat yourself better, and show up in your life, your career, your family, and be a better role model.
  • To become truly healthy and reap all the benefits, stronger nails and hair, better mood, sounder sleep, glowing skin, more energy, clear thoughts, build a better immune system, an achieve a healthy weight.
  • To laser focus an entire year of your life on self-improvement which means you won’t even recognize your life after. You’ll achieve all your goals and work to create a life that you absolutely love. Think about how much you could accomplish this time next year, with my help.
  • Recorded sessions, to go back and re-listen to all the information to really soak it in, or to listen your own answers. I love this feature, being able to listen to yourself talk about an issue is when you have the best AHA moments.
  • PRESENTS! That’s right, at every session you will get a present. I mail them out, individually wrapped and labelled. I choose all your gifts based on your goals, so they will coincide with whatever you are working on at the time. My clients LOVE this feature, what’s better than getting a present every two weeks for a year?

I know The Elite Private Coaching Program is a big investment, and I want you to be sure this is for you, so you can sign up for one free health coaching session to try it out, no strings attached.

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“I had difficulty balancing life. As a person who didn’t realize that my health meant more than my activity and weight. Amanda Greenthumb helped me to understand that my goals weren’t just based around my weight, which I was most concerned with when I started health coaching with her. I have a better understanding of how my personal, spiritual, social, career, and educational life is just as important as my activity and weight now. Without coming full circle, no one can fully succeed. I thank Amanda for helping me bring it all together. While I was a whole person before, I have become more fulfilled now in my self-awareness. On top of that, bringing the mosaic that is me together, I have also lost the 20lbs in the process. Something I stopped focusing on while learning more about my whole body fitness.”
– Amanda, 27 – Occupational Health and Safety Manager

Picture yourself next year.
Where are you in your career? Relationship? Spirituality? How do you feel about your body?

Are you living a life you love?


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Think of all the cash you will save by just eating out less and drinking less coffee. The average family spends $2784 eating out and $1092 on coffee every year.

Did you know boosting your self-esteem will actually make you more money at work? On average people with a high self-esteem make $7000 a year more!

You’ll learn how to save time in the grocery store, the kitchen, preparing meals, and all the time you spend obsessing about food choices and how you look in the mirror. You will clear out mental space and get organized.

You’ll finally have time to build a life you love.

Your relationships will blossom and become more harmonious, with a deeper connection to your loved ones, not to mention a more loving and caring relationship with yourself.

Next year your health will undergo a total 180, you’ll literally be able to see the difference, you’ll heal faster, have less chance of disease, glowing skin, strong hair and nails, improved mental clarity, wrinkles will lessen, and stress levels will melt away.

My Guarantee and No-Risk Refund Policy

I want you to be completely without risks so here’s my guarantee, first you can try it for free. I know The Elite Private Coaching Program is a big investment, and I want you to be completely sure this is for you, so you can sign up for one free health coaching session to try it out, no strings attached.

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Once you sign up, at any point in the program if you feel like this isn’t working and you aren’t seeing and benefits you can stop, and stop paying. That’s right, you are not required to pay for the remainder of the program, there will, however, be a $50 cancellation fee.

That being said, I have never had anyone stop a coaching program, in fact most clients actually sign up again.

How it Works


Once you decide to get started here’s whats going to happen. First you will sign up through the link below to schedule your free session. This is a chance to get clear on your goals, what’s standing in the way, and we will work on an action plan to get you started.
After the free health coaching session, we will schedule the day and time for your sessions, and I will send you your welcome package via email, this includes the program agreement, welcome form explaining how to get the most out of The Elite Private Coaching Program, your goals form, this will be our road map, program schedule, with the dates and times of all of our sessions, and the circle of life form, this is a tool we will use many times throughout the program to track your progress. You will also receive your bonus Getting Started Guide, Recipe Book, and your first shipment of presents.

You’ll receive emails before the program starts with access to the membership area of my website. This is where all the files can be downloaded, recorded sessions will be kept, and your handouts can be downloaded.

I will also give you all the call in information required to access our sessions, and then all you need to do is call me at our session time and start feeling better!

“I started seeing Amanda to lose weight and heal from an abusive past. After our very first session I felt so relieved that I had someone to talk to who really listened to me. My biggest breakthrough was accepting that my past can help me grow right now, and to help other women heal too.”
– Karen, 42 – Mortgage Broker

I’ve been there, struggling with not feeling good enough, obsessing over what I look like and what I was eating, it was exhausting. I’ll be honest, I felt like shit all the time, I had no energy or patience and I was so negative about every aspect of my life, there was certainly no passion.

Using food and lifestyle changes I completely revamped my entire life, we are talking night and day difference. Now I love my body, I never feel guilty about what I am eating, and I created a life I am absolutely in love with.

I know how awful it is feeling disconnected from your life and just going through the motions. My training through The Institute for Integrated Nutrition, to become a Certified Health Coach, my personal health and wellness journey is how I support my clients in coaching programs.

I offer The Elite Private Coaching Program because I know how vital it is to have a coach. I have used many different coaches along my health and wellness journey, and still have my own private coaches today. I would never have taken my business to where it is today without the support of a coach. Everyone can benefit from having someone else to hash it out with. I love being asked those big questions that make you really think. That is when you make the most progress.
It is time that women everywhere change the way they treat themselves and the earth, and it starts with you. When you feel amazing, amazing opportunities will be drawn into your life that you never thought possible. I am living proof!

Changing the way women treat themselves is my life’s passion, it fuels me to watch you undergo a transformation and find the joy in your life again.




  • I can’t afford it – the money you save from changing your eating habits, plus feeling more confident will help you to make more money, you’ll actually save more money than the program costs. How much is it costing you by feeling stuck and not moving forward?
  • Will it really work? – if you are willing to actually do all the work and make the changes, and be honest with yourself, the group, and me, you will absolutely see changes. If you expect to hear the information and soak up changes, no this program is not for you
  • I’ve done so many programs and diets and gained all the weight back – this isn’t a diet, there is no list of good and bad food, you’ll use lifestyle changes, and listen to your own body to find out what is good for you personally. This makes the changes sustainable long after you complete the program.
  • My partner/family won’t understand – investing in yourself and your well-being will impact everyone in your life, health is the true wealth and anyone that has lost their health can related. If you start taking the program and you don’t start to feel changes, than you can stop. It’s that simple.
  • I won’t have enough time – you’ll learn how to save time in the kitchen, making healthy meals, how to schedule your life for success, and I will show you how to cook once and eat twice. You will develop your own schedule that works for you and your unique life, and all of the recommendations are designed to fit into a busy lifestyle.
  • I don’t want to stop eating all my favourite foods – you won’t have to, I will show you how to make your favourite foods healthy. You won’t feel deprived and starving. (Yes, even chocolate!)
  • What if I fall behind – everything is yours to keep, so if you fall behind, no worries, you can work at your own pace. You won’t have to hand anything in, there is no grading.
  • I have special dietary restrictions – not to worry, you’ll be making all your own food, or ordering it from a restaurant, so you decide what to eat.
  • I will sign up later – as the program grows, so does the cost of running it, unfortunately I cannot guarantee this price at our next release date, also sign up is a limited time and since I am constantly learning, growing, and changing, so are my programs, this is why there are no open sign ups to my programs. I have select dates to release them, and cannot guarantee that any program will be offered again in the same form.
  • I should be able to do this by myself – I have been trained through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in over 150 different dietary theories, coaching practices, and had industry leaders teach my lectures, like Deepok Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Marion Nestle, Arianna Huffington, Geneen Roth, Dr. David Katz, and so many more. I have worked with many different clients to hone what works and what plain doesn’t. I am also trained and experienced in coaching, to help keep you motivated and accountable. Having someone there to ask questions that make you dig deeper, listen to you, and help to push you further is what will speed up your transformation and get you the life you desire.
  • I am a chronic procrastinator will this program work for me – everything is go at your own pace, you have access to the material for life – it is yours. Working with a coach is the best way to actually get things done because we will work together to break down your goals into easy to manage chunks that you decide will be able to fit into your lifestyle.
  • I have to feed kids and my whole family too, they aren’t excited about steamed veggies and “bird food” – You will decided on what foods to make, I give you the tools to be able to put together your own meal plan, and the recipes I am providing you are super tasty, and have been eaten by children and families and they loved it!
  • What if I gain the weight back after? – since this is not a diet, there will be no need to revert back to your old eating habits, by learning why and how to eat better, and learn ways to easily incorporate these new habits into your life, you are making a lifestyle change that is actually sustainable. Plus don’t forget about the bonus, I will give you a special gift at the end of your program to keep you moving forward, and keep that weight off for good.
  • What’s your refund policy? – in the event of the Client’s absence or withdrawal, for any reason whatsoever, the Client will remain responsible for the pro rata share of the program that has been delivered, plus a cancellation fee of $50. The Coach reserves the right to cancel the program if at any point she or he feels it is not advantageous for the coaching program to continue. If this happens, the Client is only responsible for the pro rata share of coaching services received. This being said, I have never had anyone drop out of a coaching program, actually most clients sign up again!

“Amanda is genuinely inspiring; her passion for life is contagious! Working with her has been a true blessing. She is the reason I achieved my goals, the support and kindness energized me and let me trust in myself. Everyone can use a health coach; it truly saved me and my marriage.”
– Jennifer, 37 – Real Estate Agent

If you feel this program is for you, sign up below to get your free health coaching session today, no string attached.

I only take on a limited number of private clients, due to the time and the commitment of the one year program. I currently only have 6 openings left for The Elite Private Coaching Program.

How Much Does It Cost?


The Elite Private Coaching Program costs $399 per month, for the duration of the one year course.

If payment is received in full, the tuition is discounted by $588, making the total price $4200
All payments are taken by credit card. There will be more information on how to pay after the free health coaching session.

If this sounds like it is for you, just click the button below to get started with your

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