Group Coaching

Fierce, Sexy, and Healthy

No Diets, No Restriction.

Just Real Food For Busy Moms.

Let a Certified Health Coach teach you

what to eat, how to get the most nutrition into your busy life

and prep your food when you have no time


8 Week Group Online Event


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I know as a busy mom you don’t always have two hands to eat with, let alone hours to create dinner every night. Learn how to meal plan, prep, and grocery shop like a boss. Get clear on your goals and put “me-time” back in your schedule.

It’s time you feel focused, organized, and have the energy to nourish yourself and your family.

In 8 weeks your sexy and confident self will feel refreshed,

full of energy and glow from the inside out.


Have complete accountability through group members, coaching calls, one on one check-ins, videos and interviews. Finally become an expert in the confusing world of nutrition and lose the baby weight for good. You will glow from the inside out, cook like a chef, and feel better than you have in years. 

Did I mention, you can make all this happen from home?

Our sessions happen every other Tuesday, for 50 minutes. We meet over the phone, every OTHER Tuesday from 7:00-8:00 pm, making it easy to schedule. Don’t worry sessions are recorded, in case life comes up.  

Every Other Tuesday From 7:00-8:00 pm PST 



All recommendations are simple and designed specifically to incorporate into your busy everyday life. You’re never alone, group members and your Health Coach (me), are here to ask questions, get motivation, and make new like-minded mom friends. Making changes is so much easier with friends doing the exact same thing. Think of how a gym buddy gets your ass to the gym, it’s just like that. 

What You’ll Learn


The purpose of Fierce, Sexy and Healthy is to feel sexy, powerful, and get the highest amount of nutrition into your busy life. I will teach you how to meal plan and prep your meals in advance, so you spend less time cooking and thinking about what’s for dinner and more time eating, even with a little one on your hip.

After Fierce, Sexy and Healthy you will love your body, know what to eat and why, so you can finally feel sexy again, and fall in love with your life.



What Are We Talking About?


I have broken down the program into 3 phases:

Food And Eating
Detox And Trimming The Fat 
Taking It To The Next Level


Phase One: Food and Eating 

  • Self love
  • Common missing foods in your diet
  • Primary Foods, it’s not just food and exercise, your WHOLE life impacts how you look and feel. Stick with me I’ll show you exactly how to feel balanced and beautiful
  • Grains, I’ll show you how to prepare grains the east way
  • Exercise, start where you are and get support from other busy moms
  • Fats, the good and the bad
  • How to stay healthy on the go, travelling and dining out
  • Time Saving Techniques that ACTUALLY work
  • Food Combining to feel satisfied and energized not bloated and guilty
  • Explore which protein sources work best for your unique body

Phase Two: Trimming The Fat

  • Fear. How to deal with fear and use it to your advantage
  • How to set up your kitchen for maximum results
  • Foods you have to stop eating now and why you won’t even eat them again
  • Trimming the fat in your life, from relationships, your home, even your pantry
  • The skinny on portions, and how our portion sizes always size up
  • The power of visualization and meditation
  • How food effects our mood and beauty

Phase Three: Taking it to the Next Level

  • Use the power of writing to gain clarity
  • Organic vs. non-organic, How to save money like a boss
  • Use superfoods to super charge your nutrition at each meal
  • Learn about the energy of food and how to use it feel fearless, sexy and healthy
  • Healthy substitutions for cravings that you just can’t beat
  • Learn advanced food theories, to eat what is perfect for you. Such as Ying/Yang and acidic/alkaline balancing foods
  • Future building activities to shape your life after the program to motivate you after the program



  • Starter Guide

    Including pre-work, sent out a week before the program starts
    ⦁ Welcome
    ⦁ Purpose
    ⦁ Outline
    ⦁ Calendar of events
    ⦁ What to expect
    ⦁ Bioindividuality
    ⦁ Essential foods aka My Shopping List
    ⦁ Supplements
    ⦁ Intention
    ⦁ Goals
    ⦁ Facebook group
    ⦁ Accountability partners
    ⦁ Go at your own pace
    ⦁ FAQ
    ⦁ Program agreement
    ⦁ Disclaimer

  • Tips and Tricks Guide

    ⦁ Food storage
    ⦁ Time saving techniques
    ⦁ Saving money
    ⦁ Prepping
    ⦁ Sample menu plan
    ⦁ Sample shopping list

  • FREE 10 Sexy Habits E-Book

    ⦁ Checklist to ensure you feel balanced and beautiful, the east way to stay on track after the program

  • Cooking Classes, Videos, Interviews, and much more!

Bi-weekly sessions, private Facebook group, unlimited email support, members area, recorded sessions, handouts, and other goodies. When you are feeling good, and have a support team behind you, there’s nothing you can’t do.

Unlimited email support between sessions which means if you get stuck, have a burning question, or just need some love; I am here for you to guide you and make sure you feel in control and confident. I will keep you moving forward towards a life you love.

A team invested in your success. The whole team will celebrate your success, a win for one person, is a win for the whole group.

Recorded sessions, I get it, life happens. If you miss a sessions you can listen after, or if you want to go back and re-listen to everything you said, to really soak it in. I love this feature, being able to listen to yourself talk about an issue is when you have the best AHA moments.


Who Fearless, Sexy & Healthy is NOT FOR


Is 2016 Your Year?


“I had difficulty balancing life. As a person who didn’t realize that my health meant more than my activity and weight. Amanda Greenthumb helped me to understand that my goals weren’t just based around my weight, which I was most concerned with when I started health coaching with her. I have a better understanding of how my personal, spiritual, social, career, and educational life is just as important as my activity and weight now. Without coming full circle, no one can fully succeed. I thank Amanda for helping me bring it all together. While I was a whole person before, I have become more fulfilled now in my self awareness. On top of that, bringing the mosaic that is me together, I have also lost the 20lbs in the process. Something I stopped focusing on while learning more about my whole body fitness.”
– Amanda, 27 – Occupational Health and Safety Manager

Picture yourself in 8 weeks.

Do you feel Fierce, Sexy and Healthy? Are you living a life you love?

Let me show you how to save thousands of dollars…

Think of all the cash you will save by just eating out less and drinking less coffee. The average family spends $2784 eating out and $1092 on coffee every year.

Did you know boosting your self esteem will actually make you more money at work? On average people with a high self esteem make $7000 a year more!

You’ll learn how to save time in the grocery store, the kitchen, preparing meals, and all the time you spend obsessing about food choices and how you look in the mirror. You will clear out mental space and get organized.

You’ll finally have time to build a life you love.

Your relationships will blossom and become more harmonious, with a deeper connection to your loved ones, not to mention a more loving and caring relationship with yourself.

In 8 weeks your health will undergo a transformation, you’ll heal faster, have less chance of disease, glowing skin, strong hair and nails, improved mental clarity, wrinkles will lessen, and stress levels will melt away.



My Guarantee and No-Risk Refund Policy

I want you to sign up with no risks so here’s my guarantee, at any point in the program if you feel like this isn’t working and you aren’t seeing and feeling the benefits you can stop, and stop paying. That’s right, you are not required to pay for the remainder of the program, there will, however, be a $50 cancellation fee.

That being said, I have never had anyone stop a coaching program, in fact most clients actually sign up again.

How it Works:

Once you decide to get started here’s whats going to happen. Purchase the program through our online shop. Located in the top menu. And voila! I will send you your welcome package via email, this includes Free Starter Guide, health history form, a welcome form explaining how to get the most out of The Fierce, Sexy and Healthy Program, program schedule, with the dates and times of all of our sessions, and the circle of life form, this is a tool we will use many times through out the program to track your progress.

You’ll receive emails before the program starts with links to the Facebook Group where everyone can start getting to know one another, and access to the membership area of my website. This is where all the files can be downloaded, recorded sessions will be kept, and your handouts can be downloaded.


“I started seeing Amanda to lose weight and heal from an abusive past. After our very first session I felt so relieved that I had someone to talk to who really listened to me. My biggest breakthrough was accepting that my past can help me grow right now, and to help other women heal too.”
– Karen, 42 – Mortgage Broker


I am here to help you on this journey.

Are you asking questions like…


  • I can’t afford it 
  • Will it really work? 
  • I’ve done so many programs and diets and gained all the weight back
  • My partner/family won’t understand 
  • I won’t have enough time
  • I don’t want to stop eating all my favourite foods 
  • What if I fall behind
  • I have special dietary restrictions 
  • I will sign up later
  • I should be able to do this by myself 
  • Will I have to tell you everything?
  • I am a chronic procrastinator will this program work for me
  • I have to feed kids and my whole family too, they aren’t excited about steamed veggies and “bird food”
  • What if I gain the weight back after?

Click to read the Frequently Asked Questions page


“Amanda is genuinely inspiring; her passion for life is contagious! Working with her has been a true blessing. She is the reason I achieved my goals, the support and kindness energized me and let me trust in myself. Everyone can use a health coach; it truly saved me and my marriage.”
– Jennifer, 37 – Real Estate Agent

What Does It Cost?


Membership to the Fearless, Sexy and Healthy Group is $179 for the entire 8 week program including: coaching calls, group events, videos, recipes, members area, recorded sessions, handouts, giveaways, Facebook community, and bonuses.

Membership can be purchased by clicking the button below


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