Feel Beautiful and Own Your Power – Teleclass Recording

When you woke up this morning did you feel beautiful?

How much were you owning your power today?

I used to be the complete opposite, never owning my power and certainly not feeling beautiful. One of my dear friends and Health Coach, Chelsey Marie, from chelseymariecoaching.com, totally changed my life. She told me that if I was eating shit, I was going to feel like shit, look like shit, and magnet shit into my life.

Ya, that’s pretty much all I needed to hear to make a 180 in my life.

Once I started making changes, low and behold, she was freaking right! I felt so much better, my skin was glowing, and my life started to open up.

After this massive, life changing, soul shaking 180, it was pretty much all I could talk about.

Another friend of mine Aurelie Wiedemann, who is a personal trainer and owner of Sattva Training, got talking about how if you change what you eat and put into your body, you literally feel more beautiful and are able to step into your power.

From our conversation we held a teleclass, and invited our list to join us, it was amazing!

Lucky for you, we recorded our call, and you can listen to it now.

As promised in the teleclass, your files are below, just click the link to download them.



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