I didn’t have hesitations about purchasing the product. I knew that I needed a reputable high quality supplement in my life and I trusted in the USANA company. Perhaps I was hesitant because of the price but that quickly faded once I felt so much more energy. I also looked at it as one pair of jeans and a sweater costs the same price and my health is the most important thing to me because with out it nothing is the same.

I allowed more love into my life and entered into a real strong positive relationship. I am nurturing my family relationships more and spending time with people who are positive influence in my life. My spirituality has improved, being very present in my outdoor walks and in the small, little joys. I laugh a lot, especially when something goes wrong or I spill something or get stuck in traffic. I find so much joy in being alone and laughing away.
I am more intent on my yoga practice. And my home environment has changed, cleaner, more organized kitchen, focused on keeping my clothing drawers clean and understanding the importance of organization in the physical space transferring to organization in my mind. My eating habits have improved and when I do eat unhealthy food, I’m very aware and listen to my body and reflect on the way I feel. I am experimenting with new ways of eating and new foods I never thought possible before Balanced and Beautiful!
I felt Balanced and Beautiful added to my weeks tremendously! I think that each week I felt more and more focused on daily healthy activities. I think everyone needs a reset and the 8 weeks flew by. It was very enlightening and supportive and I really enjoyed myself and got to know other awesome women.
Specifically I enjoyed the calls the most. They kept me in integrity and speaking out loud helped to focus my personal thoughts and goals. I really enjoyed hearing other peoples stories and progress through the calls as well.
This was a fun, new and interesting experience for me. I showed up for myself and showed up to the calls each week for 8 weeks, proving that i can commit to something healthy for myself. I benefited so much from the self-care routines, the morning intentions, the water filter, the green smoothies and i cant wait to take the program again and get more in depth.
I would absolutely recommend this program to any busy woman who is looking to feel their best and achieve their goals in a balanced way. These supplements have completed changed my life and business for the best, I am in love!

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