What Is ACTUALLY Healthy to Eat?

Are you getting confused by what is actually healthy?

Is it hard to keep up with the diet trends, and the ever changing view of what you are suppose to eat?

One week you should eat dairy, the next you shouldn’t, doesn’t it just feel like your head is spinning?

What To Eat That Will Always Be Healthy

Unfortunately the media is constantly spinning some new finding when it comes to what we should be eating, and the reason is simply sales.

I teach my clients what to eat the simple way, eat as many whole foods as you can cram into your belly, if you are eating processed foods, make sure you know what all the ingredients are, the less the better.

Start Your Morning The Right Way

Starting your morning with a hot water with lemon is the best first step you can make when transforming your health. Read my article on Hot Water With Lemon to learn all of the shocking reasons why this is so important. If you want to make one change today and feel a difference, this is it baby!

The Power of Green

What is the most important thing you should be eating every freaking day? Greens! And greens are also the most commonly missing ingredient in modern diets. They are the most nutrient dense food on the planet, and we aren’t eating them…awesome right? Read my article The Power of Green and find out exactly what greens will do inside of you.

Green Smoothies

You gotta eat more greens, but let’s be fair here, how many salads are you really going to eat? Yup, I thought so. Instead of struggling to eat a salad at every meal and feeling dissatisfied, why not learn how to make the prefect greens smoothie. They taste like fruit, don’t worry your pretty little head, I wouldn’t tell you to drink something awful, promise. Watch my video all about Making the Perfect Green Smoothie – so you can blend that muffin top away!

Start a Love Affair With Your Juicer

Same idea as green smoothies, but sweet mother I love my juicer. Nothing beats the boost of energy from a fresh veggie juice. And not to worry, there is fruit in them too, they don’t taste like grass. If you are looking for a quick fix for your health, find yourself a juicer honey. Watch my video all about juicing, I’m gunna explain everything you need to know, from which juicer to buy, to how to store it, and what NOT to juice.

Natural Sweeteners

If you are looking for one thing to cut out of your diet to have the biggest effect on feeling better, it’s sugar. Before you momentarily lose your mind, I am not talking about everything sweet, I am talking about refined sugar. It is in everything and it couldn’t be worse for your body if it tried. Every single time you eat sugar, it takes vitamins and minerals out of your body just to digest it.

Now factor in that 4g of sugar is one sugar cube. Let’s do some math here, that means that a can of Coke has almost 10 sugar cubes. Read your labels, it will blow your mind how much sugar is in food.

If you are like me and the thought of not eating sweet things, was as appealing as playing leap frog with unicorns, I got you. Introducing….Natural Sweeteners, because there is healthy way to be sweet. Read my article on Natural Sweeteners.

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